Hyrax Metadata Ordering Call 2018-04-18

Connection Info:

3-4pm Eastern

Notetaker: Juliet Hardesty

Attendees: jen youngsadie_roosaRyan JohnsonRyan WickJuliet Hardesty


  • Report - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bfCJsu7kTwjb2uu5D-TdKR_YFauMICkz4vnK59J7CZ0/edit?usp=sharing
    • Are summaries accurate?
      • hydra-pcdm gem is used in Hyrax but not totally clear on how it’s being used; lower in stack for sure; Tom Johnson filed bug recently that build is broken right now; implementation of pcdm-works model; seeing ordered-members in code but not sure it can be used
      • Hyrax uses hydra-works gem and hydra-works gem includes hydra-pcdm gem; might be an option but requires deeper code dive than what we’ve done
      • might be used to order things in collections; not sure if nurax shows this functioning; use of ordered members method
      • we want ordering within a work specifically for descriptive metadata
      • might work as part of ordered things as objects solution set but would definitely need development work to be used this way
    • Challenges/benefits to document?
      • ordered things as objects
        • benefit - referencing URIs would keep things in sync
        • challenge - possibility of redundant objects, hard to maintain over time
      • additional property with text list
        • challenge - ordered list can get out of sync if creator is updated or removed
        • challenge - bulk edits/fixes wouldn’t touch ordered property list - have to have something else that manages that order and keeps it in sync; need to force pairing or grouping of metadata fields to keep things in sync
        • benefit - easier to implement, easy to look at and understand
    • What do we recommend?
      • data structure isn’t the only change, it’s also display
      • could see how something could be done in the web form to input things; but doing this in batch gets complicated; almost has to be a local solution and batch editing is now available
      • don't have a recommendation yet
    • report should say we’re trying to find solution for Hyrax the app but also needs to work for batch editing and through the rails console - needs to be at data level, not at app level
    • Has Princeton addressed this in Figgy now? this might be where a Valkyrie solution comes in
      • Ryan Wick will ask
    • WGBH thinking of making contributions objects on works (instead of people as objects on work, kind of a flip)
      • contribution is object on work and then people in that role are hanging off of that contribution object
      • <Work> <hasContribution> <RandomID>
      • <RandomID> <hasCreator> "Name"
      • <RandomID> <hasRole> "Producer"
      • not dealing with any ordering with this right now but could use pcdm to order the contributions
      • Sadie can show something with this next time
    • other solutions seem to be making specific roles as predicates for people
  • Evaluation spreadsheet for reference: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J7-aGnSMnRQaV4MCmHW_Vr4gzEFn-S7v759XbYl-DUY/edit?usp=sharing