Samvera Connect 2018 SMIG Meeting

Wednesday, 2018-10-10, 12:30-2:30pm

Rm 1150

Facilitator: ruth.k.tillman

Notetaker: Lisa McAulay


Community Notes:

  • SMIG Scope and Objectives Review
    • No recommended changes from co-facilitators. We anticipate the group continuing for another year.
  • Facilitators / Opportunities for leading projects

    • Julie and Ruth are the current co-facilitators. They are open to a replacement co-facilitator. Julie would likely rotate off.

    • Working Groups / Calls for Participation → there may be new things happening through conversation here at Samvera Connect. If you want to lead a project/working group, please let Julie and Ruth know. If you want to explore an issue, we’d be happy to have you bring it to a meeting.

  • Hyrax Documentation & Recommended Tickets

      • Technical/logistical requirements (Tom Johnson)
        • Getting these tickets (from above) into the Hyrax Working Group into their roadmap is something that Ruth and Julie are working to get coordinated with Steve van Tuyl and Tom Johnson
      • Documentation:
      • Jen Young was talking to Julie Rudder from the Repo Managers Group and they are maybe interested in having the Metadata working group to do some work type metadata definitions
  • Reports from Groups/Representatives

    • URI Selection WG

      • Not much to update: Met regularly and had some submissions. There isn’t yet a place to put these, however. Need to work on Samvera Community Vocab Manager. Support for money for hosting?

      • Is a vendor going to do it? Institution? What is the domain name going to be?

      • Fedora 4 hosts some URIs in github, maybe we can do that for some of these to get started?

      • This is something which should probably be punted to Samvera Steering via an email.

    • MODS -> RDF WG (see also 10/11 presentation 11:10-11:40 room 1170)

      • They have distributed the draft and are collecting feedback and they are re-working the draft

      • You can read their notes on the wiki and visit the presentation.

    • Geo Predicates - no one present at this meeting to report on it

    • Metadata Ordering

      • Problem statement: RDF statements aren’t ordered, but sometimes we need to manage ordered metadata, such as author orders.

      • The group has finished its work and submitted a report to to Steven Van Tuyl

      • Valkyrie has the best support for metadata ordering (San Diego? has done this in their IR, but it takes a lot of work and building a new model in Fedora. The method is essentially creating blank nodes which have a class indicating that they’re an ordered list of authors. But this requires creating objects for each list of authors.)

      • Valkyrie is likely to be the path forward.

        • Of note, Valkyrie won’t be storing things as native RDF, it will be JSON. This is something the group may which to tackle.

    • Batch import/export group demos are available, recorded by Greg.

      • There is a reporting out tomorrow at lunch.

      • There isn’t a real API for Hyrax at the moment, but there was a workshop on Hyrax API yesterday (Tuesday, October 9)

      • Round tripping -- export, make edits, re-import edits

    • Samvera Roadmap Council


      • Jen Young is the Metadata IG representative.

      • Jen is looking for feedback for what can the Samvera Roadmap Council do for the community?

        • Creating clear documentation and posting the roadmaps consistently

        • Developing methods for connecting non-developer contributions to the developer work. Is there a way to make the contributions more visible or interconnected?

        • Suggestion -- the Council could make sure the roadmaps are good communication documents for people outside of the working groups that they represent

        • Suggestion - connect with Jen on what you’d like for this

    • Ideas for Next Year

      • Fedora 5

        • Metadata folks have been asked for input on the Fedora 5. Contact Ruth or Julie if you’re interested.

      • Metadata Updating / improving existing docs

        • More documentation around other work types, Avalon, and things like how to add/change controlled vocabs.