Metadata Call 2022-03-22

Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info:

Community Notes:


Moderator(s): Nora Z.

Notetaker: Anna G.



  • Anna Goslen (UNC-Chapel Hill)

  • Nicholas Stanton-Roark (Anderson University/PALNI)

  • Annamarie Klose (Ohio State University)

  • Nora Zimmerman (Lafayette College)

  • Julie Hardesty (Indiana University)


  • Subgroup Reports

    • URI Selection Working Group

      • No update

  • Roadmaps Alignment Group Update

    • Annamarie Klose will be new SMIG liaison. Thank you Annamarie!

  • Issues/Questions

    • Implementing OAI-PMH with Hyrax

      • Nora and Anna planned to draft a charter for a working group to gather documentation on options for implementing OAI-PMH in Hyrax

        • There seems to be a community need for this

        • Working groups require 3 partner institutions

        • How does this relate to M3 work? If providing support for OAI-PMH out of the box for Hyrax, would not assume M3 or AllinsonFlex implementation.

        • PALNI is looking at providing OAI-PMH in Hyku, also looking at AllinsonFlex

        • Hyrax includes some ResourceSync capability. How does this relate?

        • Spring Dev Congress has OAI-PMH feeds in Samvera Tech as a topic:

      • Would be helpful for SMIG to collect documentation on how OAI-PMH is connected to Hyrax / Hyku implementations in the community

        • Perhaps start by working on this in SMIG, rather than setting up WG?

  • Project Sharing

    • Annamarie: PDFs in IIIF? - not supported

    • Julie H.: Digitized objects from archival collections with finding aids. Objects will be discoverable in Hyrax and also in finding aid discovery interface. There are not currently many fields for managing data such as series, subseries. They have defined an Archival Object type, using AllinsonFlex.

      • Would it be useful to have a “multi-part” (i.e. series, subseries) metadata field in Hyrax

      • Avalon has a multi-part field, using text labels.  Used for programs that relate to a digitized music program.  Includes a link and text.  

      • These types of multipart fields are problematic in RDF / linked data. 

      • Julie shared a spreadsheet with the Avalon MODS to RDF mapping from a while back, done with Jen Young:  

    • Nora: At Lafayette, trying to improve accessibility. They are using Universal Viewer, does not have a way to serve alt-text for image resources. Distinct from data that would be entered in description field. What are the options? Add another metadata field? Insert in HTML? NISO held workshop in November 2021, discussed fields. 

      • There is a IIIF slack with an accessibility channel. Perhaps some folks there who would be interested

      • DLF DAWG Advocacy & Education subgroup had discussion about alt-text on 2/24.


    • Nicholas: PALNI / Anderson University has been getting a feature request for Subtitles for Collections. 

      • Ideally this would feature on the browse collection page, rather than presenting merely with the metadata in the collection catalog view. 

      • Julie: does this need to be part of the Collection title, AND part of the metadata as well? When is this needed? 

      • Users want to name the collection with something that isn’t inherently descriptive.  

      • Lafayette has collection short description and collection long description, displays short description beneath the Collection title.

  • Discussion Topics


Next meeting: 4/26, 2-3pm