Metadata Call 2022-07-26

Metadata Call 2022-07-26


Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info:

Community Notes:


Moderator(s): Nora Z.

Notetaker: Nora Z.



  • Annamarie Klose, Ohio State University

  • Nora Zimmerman, Lafayette College

  • Julie Hardesty, Indiana University

  • Anna Goslen, UNC-Chapel Hill

  • Amanda Hurford, PALNI

  • Carl Piraneo, PALCI

  • Rob Kaufman, Softserv

  • Meredith Hale

  • Heather Greer Klein, Samvera



  • Roadmaps Alignment Group Update (Annamarie)

    • Have not met during the summer months; there has been Slack discussion about the Components Maintenance WG ( ) and about dependencies outside of the Hyrax code

    • Will meet in August

  • Issues/Questions

  • Discussion Topics

    • OAI-PMH support in Hyrax/Hyku documentation project

      • New wiki page started for information gathering:  

        • Has some examples currently from Duke and Oregon Digital.

      • There has been some “significant movement” in OAI within Hyku, including one in qualified Dublin Core, and one supporting MODS 3.5. Relied on the MODS to RDF Mapping Guide. Harvard has a Spotlight OAI importer that harvests OAI into Spotlight exhibits sites (Curiosity app). Rob (Notch8) wants to share this code back out to the community. 

      • PALNI and PALCI have been talking a lot about OAI and improving OAI access for their users/implementers.  Only the non-qualified Dublin Core is coming out in the OAI feed, it is an abbreviated version.  They would really like to see the full metadata record made available.  

        • DPLA and the discovery/catalog layer are both areas where people have a need for supporting OAI feeds

        • If possible, they would like each tenant to have a separate feed, and to be able to select which metadata fields to share. 

        • The British Library are also eager to collaborate on this work, developing these specifications.  They sponsored work around tenant-specific OAI-PMH feeds in Hyku, not clear that it is being utilized. 

      • Goal would be to hopefully make OAI support in Hyrax/Hyku clear, and make it easy to set up out-of-the box

        • In ContentDM and DSpace, metadata fields are more easily configurable.  The need for a developer to make changes to metadata application profiles is a Samvera complexity.  

        • Notch8 is working on an AllinsonFlex implementation in a Hyrax 3.x application. 

        • Notch8 tests OAI feeds by roundtripping it through Bulkrax in order to validate it.  

      • Providing thumbnails along with the metadata in OAI for DPLA

        • Several people would like to see this out-of-the-box

        • OAI spec does not clearly specify where thumbnails should go; can infer the thumbnail from a URL string, it would be helpful for this to be explicit. 

      • Expand wiki page to describe needs and user stories, such as work in progress at PALNI

      • There are not significant, meaningful differences between Hyrax and Hyku as far as how OAI-PMH would work with these systems

      • Open call for new SMIG co-facilitators 

        • One year commitment, beginning after Samvera Connect in October

        • Facilitator responsibilities include:

          • Scheduling monthly meetings and preparing agendas

          • Commissioning working groups and specific initiatives as needed

          • Reporting to the community at Connect/Virtual Connect meetings, or sending a written update

        • Annamarie is interested, if Julie is able to take over as Roadmaps Alignment liaison.