Metadata Call 2016-09-21

Time: 10:00 am PST / 1:00 pm EST

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025 

Moderator: sanderson (BPL)
 Corey Harper (NYU)

Attendees: sanderson (BPL),  Corey Harper (NYU), Arwen Hutt (UCSD), Alicia M. Morris (Tufts), Chrissy Rissmeyer (she/her) (UCSB)


  • Subgroup Reports
    • Descriptive Working Group
      • No recent meeting
    • MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup
      • Reviewed access description from rights working group
      • Predominately EDM rights with URI & DC Rights for anything else, including clarifying text
      • Not always supporting rightsholder, but will support if it exists
      • Will be sending out another poll today or tomorrow for remaining issues with collab doc
        • eg. dcterms spatial with URI, as example. Geo Concerns will be using string labels. This would be a conflict. How to handle?
      • Final set of institutional mappings for remaining elements in 4 weeks.
      • This will be followed by final review, at which point mapping should be complete
    • Applied Linked Data Working Group
      • No recent meeting. 
      • Email about interest in meeting. Haven't heard back.
      • Unsure when we'll meet next
      • David Lacy & Corey Harper will both help with the workshop
    • URI Management Working Group
      • Notes available on wiki
      • Predicate decision tree document that people have been commenting on
      • Discussion of URI patterns to be used for those predicates
  • Issues/Questions
    • None
  • Additional items
    • Hydra Connect 2016 HMIG Meeting agenda
      • Thursday, Oct 6, 2-3pm Eastern
      • Comments on agenda?
        • Is it worth explicitly discussing sunsetting?
        • Why the limited participation?
          • Too much else going on in the community
          • Other things that we're waiting on, such as DPLA decisions re: metadata, etc
        • Consensus on this call is that a Metadata Interest Group is still of importance
        • Changing frequency & focus could be helpful
  • Action Item