Metadata Call 2015-08-26

Time: 10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025  - Note New Number

Moderator:  kestlund (Univ. of Oregon)

Notetaker:  mcmillwh (Univ. of Cincinnati)



  1. Subgroup Reports
    1. Applied Linked Data Subgroup
    2. Rights Metadata Subgroup
    3. Descriptive Subgroup
  2. Issues / Questions
  3. Review Metadata WG Requests and Priorities
  4. Define goals and timeline for Structural Working Group
  5. Additional Items
  6. Action Items


1. Subgroup Reports

a. Applied Linked Data Subgroup


  • Notes from last meeting are Applied Linked Data Call 2015-08-20
  • Recent pull request merged
  • James is converting current codebase to a RoR engine
  • Trey is adding Active Triples persistence method
  • Hope to have a release by Hydra Connect

b. Rights Metadata Subgroup


  • A draft recommendation was sent out
  • All feedback received was positive
  • We can consider the recommendation official and the group's work is complete
  • At Hydra Connect we'll determine how this can be more accessible for the whole community
    • Could move it to GitHub

c. Descriptive Subgroup


  • Survey went out last week
  • Currently 6 responses are in and a reminder will be sent out
  • The September 1 date may have to be adjusted
  • Some institutions may not know where to send the survey

2. Issues / Questions

a. MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup update

  • Met on Monday ( MODS and RDF Call 2015-08-24) and survey went out to MODS group members
  • Continued talking about MODS title element, acceptance testing
    • decided title does not need to be separated out from subtitle
    • agreed to use dcterms:title and dcterms:alternative
  • By Sept 21 meeting during Hydra Connect group hopes to have example of how to map MODS title to either simple case or complex one
  • Next, group will show examples of MODS name element
    • what type of specificity is required
    • rough attempt at mapping to RDF
  • Rough timeline for getting through major elements? Hoping for end of year, but it may take 6 months or more for something more comprehensive


3. Review Metadata WG Requests and Priorities


  • Recap: needed a central place for requests, so wiki page was created
  • Some items for Structural & Linked Data groups are going there as well
    • it may be better to add items in this location rather than subgroups to keep track of them


4. Define goals and timeline for Structural Working Group

Karen & Julie:

  • Focus on items the group has the ability to tackle now
  • Everything that is on requests page for Structural subgroup has been copied to subgroup page
  • If group is charged with PCDM, it might be a cleanup and organizational mission
  • It's unclear where suggestions for Hydra's PCDM implementation should be going
    • This will be discussed at Hydra Connect
  • Group can start to figure out what's a Fedora model and what's a Hydra model
  • Referring to segments of a file is within scope of this group
    • might be a good first item to look at
  • First meeting might be during Hydra Connect
  • Group can organize the models that are out there and talk about segments of a file as well
    • segments of a file is a high priority because other groups are not dealing with it as much
    • Avalon is looking at it, but as an option, not as a long-term solution
  • Recommendation for describing the relationships between variations (derivatives, thumbnails, etc)
    • using link relations has been generally adopted by people
    • should this be written up as a best practice? yes
      • there is something on GitHub that describes it
    • file use vocabulary is a complementary approach
    • should be written up as a formal and official version
  • Recommendation for interoperability with IIIF
    • a talk at Hydra Connect will cover IIIF
    • leave this on the agenda as a request until Hydra Connect
  • What is PCDM in terms of Fedora and in terms of Hydra?
    • can a line be drawn on both sides?
    • group could help to clarify this
  • For now, charge the subgroup with looking at the segment of a file
  • At Hydra Connect, we'll look at PCDM models and figure out what they are
    • after that, we'll need volunteers to write up relations as a recommendation
      • Is there a timeline for this? 
        • Avalon has an implementation using static XML
        • if we take it further and make it something Hydra or Fedora can understand, that will be a bigger task
        • start with 3 month timeline, but that's flexible
  • How to find a time slot at Hydra Connect?
    • Julie will add a Sessionizer

5. Additonal Items: none

6. Action Items

  • Julie will send email call for participants to Tech and Community lists, it will be forwarded to Islander
  • Esmé will close rights group & move recommendation to best practices