Documentation Project

This project was abandoned in favor of working on documentation for Hyrax, see: Documenting and Assessing Metadata in Hyrax

At the February 2017 meeting of the SMIG, a project was proposed to create and collect documentation related to metadata in Samvera. This documentation would be linked on the wiki as Google documents but eventually turned into wiki pages (Ruth's note: or we could skip the Google documents, but it may be useful as a draft space for the ideas to take shape). This page was created to record spaces for which documentation may exist or may be created and to allow people to add wishlist items under these spaces. 

Sample Documentation for Sufia Basic Metadata - do we expand from these base fields?

Possibly something along these lines (work still in progress):

Shared Definitions

Documenting definitions for the kinds of things you might want to capture about a field. Open for people to contribute your version of a model of what the work type looks like at your institution:


Comparison done by Avalon to Hyrax/MODS & RDF 

cmharlow proposal for Hyrax Metadata Specifications & Documentation:

Proposals for documentation:

  • How-to: adding ontologies to Hyrax
  • How-to: decide which fields to index in Hyrax
    • note: this should include a basic overview of what indexing looks like in Hyrax.


Fields defined in Batch Ingest Package Format



Institutional Documentation

Julie Allinson - draft data models for thesis and journal article -

University of York have docs for models: Image, Thesis, Exam Paper and Dataset