Metadata Call 2016-08-10

Time: 10:00 am PST / 1:00 pm EST

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025 

Moderator: Juliet Hardesty (Indiana University)
Corey Harper (New York University)
sanderson (Boston Public Library), mcmillwh (Univ. of Cincinnati), carolyn.hansen (Univ. of Cincinnati), Juliet Hardesty (Indiana University), Corey Harper (NYU)

  1. Subgroup Reports
    1. Descriptive Working Group
      1. Spoke to Arwen & Christie about presenting at Hydra Connect about layered metadata model. They will put in an unconference proposal.
      2. Next meeting is probably going to be last. 
      3. Re-sending survey from last year?
      4. Will MODS & RDF still be subgroup here, or a separate WG?
    2. MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup
      1. Looking over previous work to see what needs updating.
        1. Bibframe 1.0 -> 2.0 examples
      2. Shelf location poll sent out. 4 options for how to represent.
        1. Predicate for the concept of "holding institution"
        2. Voting sent to Hydra Tech, but only 5 or so responses so far
        3. Looking for other modes of distribution (Slack)
    3. Applied Linked Data Working Group
      1. Met with DPLA to talk about harvesting options for the future
      2. Notes will be linked. 
      3. Moving towards using ResourceSync and prefer making data available as DPLA MAP
      4. No immediate solution since ResourceSync work timeline is TBD.
    4. URI Management Working Group
      1. Actively working on functional requirements
        1. Use cases are pretty robust
        2. FR section and suggested developments sections are more rough
        3. Should these be user stories? System requirements?
      2. Looking at RFP to see how those requirements were written
      3. Call for other other examples of functional requirements in general.
  2. Issues/Questions
  3. Review Metadata IG Requests and Priorities
    1. Julie followed up with time-based media interest group. That group is interested in looking at technical properties for video & audio. 
    2. Question from Avalon about Fedora 3 -> Fedora 4 migration. How do their XML datastreams map to RDF? 
      1. Can they just use EBUCore? 
      2. What are the challenges in doing such a descriptive MD migration?
  4. Additional items
    1. Sunset milestone added for HMIG
      1. 6 months of no meetings seems okay.
    2. Sufia 7 beta demo for PCDM (August 1, 6-8 participants; August 8, 13-15 participants)
      1. Good attendance. 
      2. At least 1 connection was a group of folks. 
      3. Went through multifile objects. How that is implemented in Sufia itself.
        1. 2nd Demo also followed the creation of an item
        2. Track how ordering is adjusted as files are added
      4. Adding an item to multiple collections – how that looks in Fedora
      5. This may be a first step to further / expanded documentation.
    3. Lighting talks at Hydra Connect? Unsure how these are working out. Too many WGs, and may not be enough time.
      1. Hoping for informal breakouts, etc, so plenary lightning talks may not be needed.
      2. They will have a 1 hour slot for the MD IG
        1. Consider doing lightning talks here if no larger session for WG Lightning?
        2. Agenda for that slot to come.
  5. Action Items