Metadata Call 2017-11-28

Time: 3:00pm-3:30pm Eastern

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025 

Moderator:  Juliet Hardesty and ruth.k.tillman

Notetaker: John Huck

Community Notes:

  • Attendees

    • Ryan Wick (Oregon State University)

    • Sarah Imholt (Oregon State University)

    • Julie Hardesty (Indiana University)

    • Sarah Seymore (University of Oregon)

    • Ryan Johnson (UC San Diego)

    • Julia Simic  (University of Oregon)

    • Emily Stenberg (Washington University in St. Louis)

    • John Huck (University of Alberta)

    • Johanna Radding (Amherst College)

    • Irene Taylor (Washington Univ. in St. Louis)

    • Ruth Tillman - in the virtual doc (Penn State)

    • Arwen Hutt (UC San Diego)

  • Subgroup Reports

    • URI Selection WG (Ryan Wick)

    • MODS to RDF WG

      • Still deciding on how to format final document

      • How best to present the mapping out for community review (direct vs. complex)

      • The mapping is done!

      • Goal is to have it finished in time for ALA Midwinter

    • Geo Predicates WG

      • Meeting held on Monday Nov 27, continuing work from Samvera Connect meetings (see below).

  • Issues/Questions

  • Topics

    • Review of Samvera Connect meeting

      • Geopredicate WG - met at Samvera Connect; creating metadata application profiles using Me4MAP (PDF) (from Dublin Core community)

        • Discussing predicates to create for different resource types

        • Sprint in December - wrapping up identification of resource types and target attributes to define

      • Valkyrie demo/discussion about impact on metadata from SMIG perspective

      • Documentation project another thing to keep an eye on

      • Feedback on RDF/MODS recommendations

    • Re-poll for meeting frequency and time

      • Look for the poll to come out over email: time of day and frequency likely to remain the same.

      • No SMIG meeting in December