Metadata Call 2019-03-26

Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025 

Moderator:  Juliet Hardesty and ruth.k.tillman

Notetaker: Adrienne Pruitt (and others)

Community Notes:


  • Attendees
    • Julie Hardesty (Indiana University)
    • Ruth Tillman (Penn State)
    • Jen Young (Northwestern University)
    • Ryan Wick (Oregon State University / Oregon Digital)
    • Cara Key (Oregon State University)
    • Adrienne Pruitt (Tufts University)
    • Erik Radio (CU Boulder)
    • Anna Goslen (UNC Chapel Hill)
    • Nora Egloff (Lafayette)
  • Subgroup Reports
    • URI Selection WG
      • Ryan: No update on the WG directly, some movement locally about hosting things on a;. He is hoping to have a more formal proposal submitted before Virtual Connect. Needs more buy in. Julie will help with anything that might need to be put together before the Partners Meeting. Could still have a Samvera domain, just be hosted by opaquenamespace.
    • Geo Predicates WG: no one on the call to report
    • Machine-readable Metadata Modeling Specification (M3) WG
      • Meeting yesterday, Julie: work to define properties that should be used when specifying metadata for profiles either in Hyrax or other web applications; tried to narrow down an extensive list that included optional properties. Tried to create a minimum fields list to define a metadata profile. Next step is for Arwen to go into Houndstooth repo and create a branch to try those minimum fields out:
  • Issues/Questions
  • Topics
    • Samvera Virtual Connect 2019 Program - April 23-24
      • 11 am EST to 1(first day) or 2:30 pm (second day)
      • Several metadata presentations. Day 1 will be most of the IG and WG updates. Will be an update about the MODS-to-RDF working group, done now, yay! M3 and Hyrax talk by Arwen on the first day. Also a few 7 minute talks about metadata on Day 1. If you have to make a choice, Day 1 will be more metadata-focused.
    • Nurax demo - late May?
      • Updated to the latest stable version, 2.4.1. Julie has full access now. She could schedule a demo for late May and we could all walk through it together if there’s interest. Will try for late May, keep it relatively short, and also record it.
  • Next SMIG Meeting would be April 23 (after Samvera Virtual Connect) - cancel and meet next on May 28?
    • Consensus was yes, cancel for April.