Samvera Connect 2019 SMIG Meeting 2019-10-24

Thursday, 2019-10-24, 4:00-5:00pm

        Room # KNIGHT CENTER - ROOM 211

Facilitators: Nora ZimmermanAnna Goslen

Notetaker: Nora ZimmermanAnna Goslen


  • Christy Karpinski, Atla
  • Ryan Wick, Oregon State
  • Cara Kay, Oregon State
  • Arwen Hutt, UC San Diego

Community Notes:

  • SMIG Scope and Objectives Review (
    • No recommended changes from co-facilitators or members. We anticipate the group continuing for another year.
    • Question about groups such as URI Selection WG and the newly formulated M3 Maintenance group, which are ongoing, active, but aren’t focused on putting out a specific product at this time.  Free-form as needs arise.
  • Reports from Groups/Representatives
    • Machine-readable Metadata Modeling Specification Working Group
      • Setup of a group to maintain the spec?
      • Report from the group has been drafted
      • Although there is a lot of polishing that still needs to happen in the repository, the deliverable has been created and the report will be sent out to the SMIG soon
      • Once the report is done, M3 will be moved into ‘Completed’ and an Ongoing Maintenance M3 Group will be formed
    • URI Selection WG
      • Update from Julie H.: Steering has given the go ahead to start with a Github repo for a first version of the vocab manager so Julie Allinson and I are going to talk with Ryan Wick and figure out how to get things started. I think it will be in the context of the URI Selection WGbut we will have an update on that at the next SMIG meeting. 
      • Outstanding question of a domain
      • Three submissions in the past year; progress has been slow. 
      • Question of resources and branding for hosting infrastructure for such projects
      • UCSD is currently pursuing user stories for minting linked predicates 
      • There is currently a github to take in requests, but not yet for hosting anything
    • Geo Predicates WG - no update
    • Samvera Roadmap Council
      • Jen Young is the Metadata IG representative.
      • The Roadmap Council conducted a survey in June 2019 to gain information about how community members feel about projects that the Repository Managers WG, Core Components WG, Metadata IG/WGs, Hyrax/Avalon/Hyku WGs projects and future directions. 
      • The survey results were published in a report here:
      • In general, survey results indicated that there is strong community interest in supporting Valkyrie/Wings middleware switch-out in Hyrax, and so it the current focus of resources was seen to be validated. 
      • Hyrax Product Owner job description: Julie Allinson is heading up a plan for refreshing this; the Roadmap Council  realized after looking at Steve’s duties that it was way more than 20% of his time
  • Ideas for Next Year
    • Vocabulary Manager WG 
      • Meeting is unfortunately concurrent with SMIG meeting at Connect this year
    • Collection-level Metadata Application Profile? 
      • Setting up better defaults and making the edit path clear if folks are making changes
      • Could mirror the same evaluation workflow as the item level metadata work that has already been completed 
      • M3 work that is Collection-specific could hooked in once published; question of rangling the Jekyll output - 
    • Review of metadata pages ahead of Hyrax 3.0 release
      • Julie H., Anna, Nora interested in participating
      • Confirming that documentation reflects changes and is brought to up to date 
      • Collect and review existing documentation
      • New WG