Metadata Call 2023-02-28

Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern

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Community Notes:


Moderator(s): Annamarie K.




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  • Still looking for a SMIG co-facilitator - Contact Annamarie

  • Roadmaps Alignment Group Update (@Heather Greer Klein)


    • Discussing a labor shortage with components

      • Questioning Authority requires a product owner

        • SoftServ may be willing to take it on

    • Jessica Hill is going to put out a charter for documentation

    • Cloud Deployment Working Group is kicking off on March 1st

      • Heather is currently leading it but is looking for someone willing to take it on

  • Developer Onboarding Working Group (sent by Julie Hardesty) - Request feedback from all Samvera groups including SMIG

    • Questions:

      • Do you use the Samvera Community Knowledge Base (

      • Do you use the Hyrax Metadata Application Profile site in KB ( )? Have you used it recently? Is the MAP still useful to you?

      • Developer Onboarding WG contemplating if information provided through the Samvera KB site should be moved elsewhere if this site is not maintained by the community. It’s a little unclear if and how the site is being maintained at this point.

    • Feedback

      • Nora indicated that they used it a lot a few years ago when they migrated but haven’t since

      • Meredith was unaware of this resource

      • Anna says it's helpful as a reference, but was most useful when migrating

      • Some concern about it being up to date

  • Anna is following up on requested Bulkrax demo

  • OAI harvesting in Samvera

    • Review prior discussion regarding OAI support in Hyrax ( )

    • Discuss draft charter for OAI Documentation WG ( )

    • Are there other considerations for the working group and charter?

    • Feedback on Charter

      • Usually charters have a deliverables and timeframe section included

        • Somewhat dependent upon if Knowledge Base changes, but write the charter so it’s not dependent upon this

      • Charters are also typically emailed out to the Samvera list for feedback (call for participation and notification of group creation)

    • Response to Feedback

      • Shoot to finish before Samvera 2023 (Fall 2023)

      • Will make available in either Wiki or Knowledge Base

  • Open Discussion

    • Quality Review

      • OSU has a Python script to verify that all of the files in Hyrax records have been ingested properly. she asked if others have similar processes. She also noted that some administrative data has false info (such as attributing updates to employees who are no longer at the institution).

      • Others have a validation process combined with a manual process

      • Annamarie or one of her staff will demo OSU’s Quality Review process at a future SMIG meeting.



Next meeting: March 28, 2023, 2-3pm EST