Metadata Call 2024-03-26

Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info:

Community Notes:

Moderator(s): Annamarie

Notetaker: Emma


  • @Annamarie Klose , Ohio State University

  • Meredith Hale, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

  • @Emma Beck , University of Louisville

  • @Cara Key , Oregon State University

  • @Juliet Hardesty , Indiana University

  • @Anna Goslen , UNC-Chapel Hill

  • @Christine Peterson , Amigos Library Services


  • Lingering thoughts from the roundtable

    • Julie: Hyrax Maintenance Working Group discussing using a crawler, browser stack

  • Update on the roadmaps group - haven’t met for a bit

  • COUNTER compliant stats - question from Christine on slack (

    • Pitt is having that development done in Hyku

    • Couple of libraries have asked about that


    • Standard for gathering statistics, not quite the same detail as a report generator 

    • Google analytics will be the next push to get working again

  • Multi-tenant work types - Rachel’s question on slack ( ) 

    • Hyku based question

    • If run on the same server, all the tenants currently need to have the same work-types

    • Some development

  • Location field and geo names - Anna Goslen’s question on slack ( ) 

    • Ways to help users select the right term and disambiguate 

    • One possibility, after a user selects the term having a link follow up so users can identify

    • Unsure of if this a Geo names or a Hyrax issue

    • QA is in development for Hyku via U.Tennessee

  • Bulkrax and custom thumbnails - Christine

    • Institution importing into DPLA and they want a link in a field

    • OSU has added it to a line to their OAI feed

    • Looking to do metadata only fields and how to have a unique thumbnail

    • Christine is going to write it up and give some use cases so we can see it better

    • PALS might have dealt with it before

  • Open discussion

    • Samvera virtual connect proposal deadline has been extended to April 1 

Next meeting: April 23rd 2-3 PM EST