Metadata Call 2021-09-28

Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info:

Community Notes:

Moderator(s): Nora Z.
Notetaker: Rebecca Pattillo


  • Jen Young (Northwestern University)

  • Anna Goslen (UNC Chapel Hill)

  • Annamarie Klose (Ohio State University)

  • Nora Zimmerman (Lafayette)

  • Julie Hardesty (Indiana University)

  • Rebecca Pattillo (University of Louisville)

  • Cara Key (Oregon State University)

  • Ryan Wick (Oregon State University)



  • Subgroup Reports

    • URI Selection Working Group

  • Roadmaps Alignment Group Update (jen young)

    • Created

      • Central list of outstanding technical debt and what it may be blocking and what issues will come out of previous technical debt. 

    • Looking into various aspects of code for code reclamation - one being a code doi generator. Already one in Samvera Labs they think they might be able to bring back into the main code base

    • John Cameron working on technical stack description to go on main Samvera website

    • Jen looking to step down from the role because has been the rep for ~3 years. Would anyone like to be the representative moving forward?

      • Represents issues that come up from SMIG that may need to be brought up to Samvera Council and vice versa. Good option for someone who is not as deep into the coding aspect of Samvera.

      • Jen will send an email and post in Slack seeking new representative.

  • Issues/Questions

    • None today

  • Discussion Topics

    • Samvera Connect 2021 - 14-15 and 18-22 October 2021

      • Lightning talk call is still open, until Sept 30, and likely to be extended

      • Jen Young planning on submitting one about local authorities in their repository re: remediating harmful language

  • Next meeting will be Oct 26