Metadata Call 2020-06-23

: 3:00-4:00pm Eastern

Call-in Info

Moderator(s): Anna Goslen

Notetaker: Anna Goslen

Community Notes:


  • Jen Young (Northwestern University Libraries)
  • Anna Goslen (UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • Meredith Hale (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
  • Annamarie Klose (Ohio State University Libraries)
  • Cara Key (Oregon State University)
  • Ryan Wick (Oregon State University)
  • Sarah Seymore (University of Oregon)


  • Subgroup Reports
    • URI Selection Working Group
      • Ryan: No updates
    • Geo Predicates Working Group
      • No update (no representative on call)
    • Controlled Vocabularies Decision Tree Working Group
      • Gretchen: Have a draft of guidelines that use Hyrax controlled vocabs as an example in a broader document of generally how to evaluate and choose a controlled vocab
    • Hyrax Metadata Application Profile Documentation Review Working Group
      • Nora: We are meeting tomorrow morning to determine where the community is at in terms of the Hyrax 3.0 release
  • Roadmap Council Update (Jen Young)
    • 2020-06-23 Meeting notes
    • Met this morning with Steering. Clarity on charge of the Roadmap Council, and thinking of changing name. Sounds like a decision-making body but not really the role of the current group. Coordinate work in different communities, not a top-down governing body. Thinking “Roadmaps Alignment Group”. Continue to think this over, likely make a decision at next meeting. If you have feedback or questions, need help getting things done, reach out to Jen.
  • Issues/Questions
  • Topics

Next Call :  July 28, 2020, 3-4pm Eastern