Metadata Call 2022-11-22


Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info:

Community Notes:


Moderator(s): Annamarie K.

Notetaker: Anna G.



  • Annamarie Klose (Ohio State University)

  • Nora Zimmerman (Lafayette College)

  • Anna Goslen (UNC Chapel Hill)

  • Amanda Hurford (PALNI/Hyku for Consortia)

  • Sarah Beth Seymore (University of Oregon)

  • Cara Key (Oregon State University)

  • Margaret Kibi (UC Santa Barbara)



  • Still looking for a co-facilitator

  • Roadmaps Alignment Group Update (Julie) - Julie not free today. She will send notes. See Roadmaps meeting notes on 2022-12-12 for updates (

  • Thoughts on Samvera Connect

    • Annamarie: Samvera for Non-Developers workshop was useful. Ways that non-developers can contribute to the community. Links from workshop:  

    • Amanda: BOF session. Talked to folks interested in reviving Repo Management Interest Group. Place for folks to get together and talk about the non-technical aspects of managing a repository. Some folks in SMIG serve as official or unofficial repository managers. Accessibility is one area with crossover of metadata and repository management aspects.

    • Nora: Similar themes in SMIG discussions, a lot of crossover with Repo management IG. Hyku user stories.

    • Amanda: Upcoming development sprint has a lot of metadata aspects

    • M3 discussions - Project Surfliner - metadata configurable for each campus, but using the same code base. YAML is checked into the repository, still reviewed by devs. Have had to build the Hyrax integration locally.

    • Samvera Connect Slack question: How will metadata choices be affected by Valykyrization vs. Fedora 6? What are the implications in terms of RDF and Postgres?


      • Nora: excited about having the option to note have Fedora as a dependency. Difficult to onboard developers. Lafayette is a small shop. Overkill for their purposes.

      • Annamarie: At Rutgers had history of records stored. 

      • Margaret: Using Valkyrized Hyrax, still in development. M3 has a mapping field, they have a service that takes what is stored in Postgres and turns into RDF for various consumers.

  • Discussion Topics

    • Discussion Topics

      • OAI group - Annamarie, Nora, and Amanda might be interested in.

      • Maybe a crossover meeting with Repository Managers IG?

        • Sarah & Cara - actively migrating and getting Bulkrax working. Launch in January

      • Amanda: Upgrading to new Hyku version, Hyrax 3.x. Have new metadata fields as a result of updates in Hyrax


January meeting: Chrissy R. and Margaret Kibi will demo updates with Superskunk and Project Surfliner ( )


Next meeting: January 24, 2023, 2-3pm EST