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Getting started in the Samvera Community

Samvera technology examples

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Indiana University Media Collections Online

  • Built using the Avalon Media System

  • Rich tool for management and discovery of audio and visual resources

  • Provides gated discovery and streaming authentication
    Live Site:

Alexandria Digital Research Library

  • Fedora 4 + RDF based

  • Broadly focused Institutional Repository hosting multiple content types

  • Includes a mix of born digital and digitized content
    Live Site:

King’s Fund Digital Archive

  • Running on Hyku software

  • Digitised publications by the King’s Fund

  • Heavy use of IIIF and Universal Viewer
    Live Site:

Emory ETD Repository

  • Hyrax Development

  • Electronic Theses and Dissertations focus

  • Student submission and workflow focused
    Live Site: