Publicity and marketing materials

If you are holding a local Samvera event, or if you are attending an event at which you wish to promote Samvera, you may be interested in acquiring publicity materials.  Samvera is now taking branding quite seriously and we want to ensure that publicity materials are of a high quality and that they reflect our high Community standards.

In the USA, there may be stocks of materials that could be shipped to you, or...

In the USA or elsewhere it may be more useful to have these printed locally to your event.

Please do not seek to photocopy or otherwise reproduce materials that you may have in your possession thereby creating an inferior product.  Instead, please contact the Samvera Steering Group ( and ask to have master copies provided for you to work with.

Currently, masters are available for:

Samvera hex sticker  Samvera hex sticker       

  • 'Welcome to Samvera' leaflet - current version

  • Note that if printed on a standard office printer the color may not come to the edge as the image suggests.  Anyone able to print professionally should, though be able to print as displayed.

In the US we can potentially have branded items made for you and shipped to your location - again, contact Steering for details in the first instance:

  Hessian carry bag with logo (38cm deep. 33cm wide, expands to 25cm across)

  Samvera branded USB stick (8GB)