Samvera Community Asks

This is a list of current calls for participation in the Community. Use the Ask template to add your call to action. These Asks will be promoted to the Community by the Community Manager – contact @Heather Greer Klein if you need any help or if you want to explore other ways to find participants.

Copy the template and add your Ask below!

Ask:  Add or update your Samvera Repository listing for 2021

What we need:  A reminder from the Repository Management Interest Group: Do you have a Samvera application in production? Or are you currently working on one? The community keeps a list of these projects as a way to share information within the community and with potential adopters about live and planned implementations. These lists are an especially helpful tool to learn about locally developed features.

Who we need:  Anyone who works for an institution that has a Samvera repository in production or in progress is welcome to add to or update these lists.

To participate:  Check and/or add your entry on the wiki at Samvera Implementations: In-production and Samvera Implementations: In-development

For more information/questions:  email

Ask:  Share one particularly fun/interesting/notable holding from your Samvera repository

What we need:  Would you take a few minutes to complete this brief form to share one particularly fun/interesting/notable holding in your repository so we can feature it on the map? The Samvera Marketing Working Group plans to create an online map/tour of Samvera-based repositories. The repository tour will appear on the Samvera website and will be a communication tool to provide an overview of what's possible with Samvera-based repositories.

Who we need:  Anyone who works for an institution that has a Samvera repository is welcome to share a holding.

To participate:  Complete this brief form to share your notable holding.

For more information/questions:  Message the # marketing_wg Slack channel with any questions.