Code4Lib 2020

Samvera Table Planning

As part of the planning, I'm putting together a table of blocks of time. These are working/arbitrary slots of time. If you can staff the table during a portion of the slot, please break apart the time slot into smaller slots. Then fill in that you can work during that slot.

Conference schedule:

Sunday (Workshops)‡Person(s)
9am to noon
noon to 5pmGretchen Gueguen

‡ - Who might be there for table setup? Jeremy will be

bringing the table cloth and pamphlets, but might be

arriving later (Jeremy's schedule is a bit TBD)

9am to 10am(is this needed)Keynote
10am to 11amKevin Kochanski

Jeremy Friesen  is presenting around 10:35ish

11am to noon
noon to 2pmGretchen Gueguen
2pm to 4pm

Jeremy Friesen is volunteering for Code4Lib

4pm to 5pmEben English

Jeremy Friesen is volunteering for Code4Lib

9am to noonKevin Kochanski

noon to 2pmEben English
2pm to 3pmGretchen Gueguen
3pm to 5pmJeremy Friesen
9am to 10amGretchen GueguenKeynote
10am to noon



I (Jeremy Friesen) am planning on taking the slots for which we can't get volunteers.
Kevin Kochanski hopes to have an ad-hoc presence and help fill some empty slots but can't necessarily commit to full blocks other than indicated above.

bess and max did not attend because of travel restrictions and have removed themselves from the schedule. Can anyone cover the now empty blocks, please?


Jeremy Friesen  will be bringing the table cloth, printed tri-fold pamphlets

Jon Dunn will give an assortment of hex stickers to Richard Higgins from Indiana University to take to Pittsburgh for the table. He'll be there on Sunday morning for a workshop.

Kevin Kochanski bringing flyers for Notch8's Hyku/Hyrax Workshop and our HykuUP service

Gretchen Gueguen is bringing hyku cups and hex stickers for hyky for consortia