Hydra Activities at OR13

Who is going?

If you're going to OR13, please list yourself here.

  • Tom Cramer, Stanford
  • Bess Sadler, Stanford
  • Chris Beer, Stanford
  • Mark Bussey, DCE
  • Justin Coyne, DCE
  • Edgar Garcia, Northwestern
  • Adam Hallett, Northwestern
  • Claire Stewart, Northwestern
  • Rick Johnson, Notre Dame
  • Don Brower, Notre Dame
  • Jeremy Friesen, Notre Dame
  • Karen Colbron, WGBH
  • Karen Cariani, WGBH
  • Jim Coble, Duke
  • Mike Friscia, Yale
  • Eric James, Yale
  • Michael Dula, Yale
  • Robin Ruggaber, UVa
  • Mike Durbin, UVa
  • Adam Soroka, UVa
  • Scott Turnbull, UVa/APTrust
  • Jon Dunn, Indiana
  • Jim Halliday, Indiana

Hydra Related Sessions Schedule for OR2013

  • Sun 
    • 7pm Dinner - Hydra Workshop & Table Planning This didn't happen due to travel delays. 
  •  Mon
    • 8am - Meet in Lobby of Delta hotel to prep for 9am session
    • 9-noon Introduction to Hydra
    • 1-5pm  Introduction to Hydra for Developers
  • Tues
    • 11-11:30 Panel Representation for "Repository Solutions for Time-based Media"
  • Wed 
    • 9:30-10 Component of Academic Preservation Trust
    • 11-12:30pm Panel Representation for "Sisyphean Task or the Holy Grail? Satisfying Demands of Higher Education through Community-Driven Open Source Projects"
    • 11-12:30pm Component of 24x7 "Training the (not so secret) Key to Repository Survivability"
  • Thu
  • Friday

Hydra Workshop (Mon AM) participants

If you're willing and available to help out with the Hydra Workshop on Monday morning (demo'ing a head, addressing part of presentation, fielding Q&A), please list yourself here. Specifically, we'd like to have at least two Partners be willing to demonstrate their heads at length, and possibly more doing brief highlights of how their apps work. Tom will distribute a draft, detailed schedule in the next week for prep. Note that there is a Fedora Futures event from 10 AM - noon on Monday AM.

  • Tom Cramer
  • Jeremy Friesen
  • Jim Coble (Duke) – will be there and can help as appropriate – our hydra head is probably not yet at a point for an "at length" demonstration but I'm happy to demo anything about it that would be useful
  • Bess Sadler - will be there and can help as needed
  • Robin Ruggaber - perhaps facilitate breakout session around building information for manager topics?
  • Mark Bussey & Justin Coyne - will give a demo of Sufia/HydraDAM
  • Jon Dunn - willing to demo Avalon
  • Karen Cariani - will be there, willing to help as needed

Hydra Tech Workshop (Mon PM) participants - Intro to Hydra for Developers

We will be leading folks through the Dive Into Hydra tutorial.  Please work through (or at least read through) the tutorial on your own before Monday if you'd like to help out.

  • Mark Bussey will kick off the session
  • Justin Coyne will be here.
  • Jeremy Friesen will also be here.
  • Jim Coble (Duke) will be there.
  • Bess Sadler - will be there and can help as needed

Hydra Table Schedule

We will have a table in the general hall that we plan to staff, so people can drop by and query about Hydra, evaluate it, absorb some of the project mojo, pick up swag. This was one of the most dynamic and popular areas of the OR12 conference (yes, the whole conference). Schedule sign up here (Google docs version of the spreadsheet that Jonathan sent out by email): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuofLdQVs_RYdHVsVzBidFlwRDdMQkpPNnRYV3g4elE&usp=sharing

  • Jim Coble (Duke) may be helping at the Monday workshops and will be giving a presentation late Thursday afternoon but, so far, I have no other specific commitments.
  • Bess Sadler - happy to staff the table
  • Robin Ruggaber - will sign up for slots and drop in whenever possible outside of that

Put ideas for Hydra-based dev challenge tasks here.Any Hydra-related ideas for Developer Challenge?

  • Crowd-sourced annotations
  • adding a DSpace-like feature to the Hydra suite via an original gem
  • Admin UI

Any Hydra-based social events?

Put ideas or plans for social events here.

  • Dinner Wednesday night? (Note that Wednesday is the conference banquet, which according to Mark will be quite the event)
  • Late night work on Hydra Workshop - Sunday night, Fedora Steering work late Monday night, Thursday night is Duraspace Reception; Tuesday is likely needed to prepare