Hyrax v3.0 Metadata Application Profile Documentation Review Working Group

***Work Completed***

Scope & Objectives

This working group will perform a thorough review of existing metadata documentation for the Samvera solution bundle Hyrax, and update it ahead of the general release of Hyrax version 3.0 so that it reflects any changes made during Hyrax 2.x.    Documentation includes but is not strictly limited to the Metadata Application Profile, Samvera Community Knowledge Base, and wiki.

Deliverables and Timeframe

The goals of this group are

  • Collect and review existing Hyrax metadata documentation
  • Determine and list changes made to Metadata Application Profile, and relevant project outputs from Metadata Working Groups since the 2.0 release that should be included in Hyrax metadata documentation
  • Revise documentation to reflect and include these changes and WG outputs
  • Share and encourage the use of documentation within Samvera community Hyrax adopters


These deliverables will be completed in phases. Since a precise release date for Hyrax 3.0 is TBD, this WG has set a date for completion of work by Samvera Connect 2020. 

  • Collection and review of existing Hyrax metadata documentation: 4 weeks
  • Determine changes made to Hyrax basic MAP, any other information that should be included in Documentation ahead of 3.0 release: 4 weeks
  • Documentation revision: 6 weeks 

Share documentation along with release of Hyrax 3.0: Spring 2021

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Meetings will be held bi-weekly via conference call/video chat.
Meeting agendas and notes will be shared with the community via chat (Slack), Samvera Lists (Google Groups), and the Samvera wiki. 
Members of the group may wish to meet more often as needed to complete project deliverables.

The kickoff meeting will take place on Thursday, March 5 2020 at 10am EST, via Google Hangouts meet.google.com/fmf-zzpm-mfp

Regular Meetings to take place every 2 weeks, starting Wednesday, 3/25 from 9-10 Eastern

via Google Hangouts meet.google.com/fmf-zzpm-mfp

The Slack channel for this WG is #map-documentation-review



Samvera Community Knowledge Base

Hyrax 2.0 Basic Metadata Application Profile

Hyrax 2.0 Metadata Application Profile 2018 SMIG review

Documenting and Assessing Metadata In Hyrax Project 2018

M3: Houndstooth notes

Samvera Hyrax Github

Working Documents

Review of Existing Hyrax Metadata Documentation

Copy of Hyrax v2.0 Metadata Application Profile, for making edits and comments 

Meeting Notes

Kickoff Meeting 2020-03-05

2020-03-25 Meeting

2020-04-08 Meeting

2020-04-22 Meeting

2020-05-06 Meeting

2020-05-20 Meeting

2020-06-24 Meeting

2020-08-13 Meeting

2020-09-16 Meeting

2020-09-30 Meeting

2020-10-07 Meeting

2020-11-18 Meeting

2021-02-24 Meeting