Hyrax v3.0 MAP Documentation Review Working Group Meeting 2021-02-24

Connection Info:
9-10am EST
via Zoom: https://lafayette.zoom.us/j/97046680139


Notetaker: Nora E.


Anna Goslen
Julie Hardesty
Nora Egloff
Emily Ping O’Brien
Annamarie Klose


-Review community feedback on WG outputs (from Ilkay Holt @ British Library)
1. COAR 3 vocabularies for repositories. Add to Supplemental Notes or share with Controlled Vocabularies WG?
a) For resource_type, Resource Types vocabularies can be linked. http://vocabularies.coar- repositories.org/documentation/resource_types/ This version 2.0 is under revision at the moment. Soon, v3.0 will be released with detailed research data labels and the vocabulary will be tidied up in general.
b) For access_right, there is this vocabulary http://vocabularies.coar-repositories.org/documentation/access_rights/
c) COAR version types vocabulary, based on NISO’s Journal Article Versions (JAV) http://vocabularies.coar-repositories.org/documentation/version_types/ Basically, this is a skosified version of the same NISO list. For metadata element, see OpenAIRE application profile just as an example https://openaire-guidelines-for-literature-repository-managers.readthedocs.io/en/v4.0.0/application_profile.html
*Hyrax doesn’t currently store or display version information as metadata, but it does track Work versions within the application. So, though this falls outside the scope of this WG, it should be discussed by SMIG as a general point for Samvera metadata in the future.

2. Some fields in the application profile are not clear: based_near and bibliographic_citation. Unclear how bibliographic_citation is relevant to publishers’ requirement?
*Updated Supplemental Notes in sheet MAP to provide context and link to relevant github issue (#2834) where community discussion took place regarding bibliographic_citation. Essentially this is for legacy citations or for the repository to supply one that is more appropriate than the one automatically generated by Hyrax’s citation widget.

-Check in on Hyrax 3 development/release timeline 
*Hyrax team had been hoping fort a 2/28 release date but it had to be pushed back. Fairly certain stable release will be later this Spring, though.
*testing script is checking rc2 and now rc3; rc3 is now up on Nurax
*they are trying to get one more institution to install and verify the tagged release
*Hyrax IG is conducting a review to determine exactly what value from Geonames webservice is being stored by Hyrax and displayed


Next steps:
-Julie will push Knowledge Base page changes after stable release of 3.0 later this Spring.


Set Next Meeting Time?
-The work of this WG is essentially concluded. No further meetings are required.
-After the dust settles from the stable release, we may wish to meet one final time (i.e. in the summer) to confirm documentation fully aligns with application behavior.