Hyrax v3.0 MAP Documentation Review Working Group Meeting 2020-09-30

Connection Info:
9-10am EST
via Google Hangouts: meet.google.com/fmf-zzpm-mfp

Notetaker: Nora E. 

Juliet Hardesty
Annamarie Klose
Emily Ping O'Brien
Nora Egloff

  -Group review of draft Hyrax 3.0 M3 spec: https://github.com/samvera-labs/houndstooth/blob/master/examples/hyrax.yaml
        *property definitions now match those in the spreadsheet MAP
        *added more usage guidelines 
        *ordering: neutral M3 spec has basic metadata before core; AK shifted ordering within these categories to match it to MAP sheet. 
               →(JH: This is a convention other bits of Samvera metadata documentation and should be maintained)
               →index_documentation: "Alternative Title should be indexed as searchable and displayable."
               →confirmed that alternative_title is not indexed or searchable in Nurax running 3.0.0.pre.rc2
               →confirmed that it is facetable and searchable in Nurax running 3.0.0.pre.rc2, as it appears in the spec
               →but, keyword probably should not be facetable
               →there are 2 different definitions for this property for GenericWork and for Collection
               →same label, but different help text depended on Work type
                →usage_guidelines should indicate that the QuestioningAuthority gem is required in order for GeoNames webservice to work as a controlled vocab source. QA does come out-of-the-box with Hyrax but requires some config for it to make GeoNames work. 
           *should this Hyrax 3 M3 spec version go on the houndstooth github?
                →yes, once it is finalized. 
-Group review of sheet MAP errors: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yZZvoQG6lANyqinMlxuOWT4W4ZIIyBJVrSii5laxEm4/
        *EP confirmed in Nurax that even though it probably shouldn't be, license is in fact (0,n) 
        *could bring this up to folks at SMIG and if there is consensus, make an issue 

  -Group review of Knowledge Base commit, then do pull request (Julie H. )
         - TODO: italicize entire table row; add text on model.md that MAP has current list of metadata fields for latest version of Hyrax; update .rb links to go to master branch
         - From 2020-08-13 meeting: clarifying Generic Work from Collection models and pointing to M3

  -SMIG / broader community feedback on the MAP and/or M3 spec
         *will share to email lists and on Slack to solicit feedback, and will also ask for feedback during Connect presentation

  -Connect Lightning Talk has been moved to WG updates slot

-Next steps:
    *at next meeting, prioritize group review of Knowledge Base commit draft language since we didn't get to it this time
    *finalize review of Hyrax 3 version M3 spec (AK has shared draft .yml to WG Slack for folks to download & view in text editor)

-Set next meeting time: 
       *next meeting will be Wednesday, 10/7 at 9am EST