2022-12-12 Meeting Notes and Agenda

The group chose asynchronous updates in lieu of a meeting.

Hyrax update

  • Hyrax 3.5.0 released

  • nurax-dev and nurax-pg: I can't remember if this has been discussed in this group, but DCE can no longer host nurax-dev and nurax-pg and the servers will be moving to a Samvera AWS instance. Daniel is working on the preliminary steps for the move this week.

  • Hyrax Interest Group meeting Wednesday 12/14 at 11:30 Eastern. The items above will be on the agenda if anyone would like to discuss.

Hyku update

  • Working on a 4.1 release, which includes bug fixes from Hyrax 3.x upgrade

  • Lots of feature work (Dynamic metadata schemas, group permission overhaul, in app authority editing) are in development

  • Will be working on upgrading to Hyrax 4.x and Rails 6/7 in the new year

Avalon update

  • 7.5 just released, community announcement coming soon

  • 7.5 includes Controlled Digital Lending functionality, full unicode support for filenames, a new version of active encode, and insanely improved performance for rendering item/work views to users

  • developing our roadmap for the coming year and our strategy for Hyrax components