2023-01-23 Meeting Notes and Agenda




  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @Rebekah Kati

  • @Alexandra Dunn

  • @Rob Kaufman

  • @Juliet Hardesty

  • @Jon Cameron

Facilitator: Heather


Discussion topics





Component Maintenance update

  • Components needing PO

  • Next steps for Hyrax components

James can’t attend today; will get updates at next meeting

AWS Reference Architecture & Solutions – Thoughts on this? Is this a good option for any of our technologies?

See message from Greg Ritter, AWS Higher Education

Want to be very careful about lock in to a specific reference architecture. AWS wants to do this to encourage lock-in. We want deployment that is not locked into a specific vendor of cloud services. Not opposed to talk to them; their goal is to create some lock in. But we want to be clear and aware of this as a community, not creating things that are only deployable in AWS. Microsoft also wants into this space; worth reaching out to Azure.

Cloud Deployment WG might be the way forward. Heather will send a message and get an initial group together to write a charter.

Discussion/what’s happening with technologies

Developers Congress this week. Will make a check-in on Hyrax Valkyrization work; SoftServ would like to attend as an update. Also would be fine if this could be recorded.

Other DevCon topics are Ruby upgrades, maintenance policy, flakey tests, old Hyrax ticket backlog review

Finalizing Hyku release, in notes gathering stage. Rob is meeting with Emily at IU to discuss Hyrax and Avalon, and what path to take.

Avalon is working on Ruby 3.1 and Rails 7 upgrades. Getting rid of technical debt as well.

Hyrax will still need to get to Rails 7; Rob recommends moving to Rails 7 (from 6) without doing Javascript.

Metadata IG looking at OAI WG; getting demo from Surfliner and superskunk.

Nurax transition

Daniel has been reviewing requirements, likely moving sometime in Feb with help from NU.





Action items