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30 mins

Fedora 6 beta testing

David Wilcox
  • Fedora 6 beta testing

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  • Fedora 6 beta testing
    • What is the situation, and how can RC help?
    • Overview of where Fedora 6 is, the types of tests available, and where the Samvera Community can get involved.
    • Fedora 6.x status and test plans (David Wilcoxwill share the slides)
      • Hoping to get to a full release early next year, if testing goes well
      • Need verification from Valkyrie stakeholders 
        • Esmé did some testing with Fedora and Valkyrie, and for the most part it worked.  Indirect/direct container support needs to be added to conform to the LD spec.  This is currently being worked on in an active sprint.
        • Anyone who is a stakeholder regarding Valkyrie who has time to test would be valuable
      • Types of tests:
        • Functional, migration, performance and scale tests
        • Fedora API test suite (link in slides)
        • Does Fedora 6.x work with Samvera apps?  What more needs to be done to ensure compatibility?
        • Fedora 4 API has some changes between 4 and 5.  The API has not much changed between version 5 and 6, so if your application uses v. 5, you should be fine.  However, Fedora versioning has changed a bit between 5 and 6, so some adjustments to your application may be needed.
        • We have some testing utilities for Fedora, and it would be good to know if these will work for existing Samvera applications, support migrations, etc.
        • Migration utilities:
          • Export process – the migration utility serializes all of your data out of Fedora, then you run the upgrade utility on the exported data to convert it to a format that conforms to the new index format, then point a fresh Fedora installation at the latest version to that updated index.
          • Results so far are fairly promising upgrading the Fedora 6 this way.
        • Performance/scale:
          • Bash scripts available for performance testing
          • JMeter scripts for scale tests
          • Confident that the manyMembers issues encountered in the Samvera Community have largely been addressed, but would like to do extensive testing with the Community on this.
          • What other scenarios need to be addressed?  What is missing?
          • The performance testing results so far are promising, either completely addressed or well-mitigated, but would like more feedback and testing.
          • Will be publishing results soon.
          • What does this look like in a complete Samvera application that uses Fedora?
    • Getting to a convergence with the Samvera Community and Fedora
      • Enthusiastic for performance improvements and use of OCFL filesystem structure 
      • What do people need to consider migrating to Fedora 6 in the Samvera Community?
        • What does a Fedora 6 version of Hyrax look like?
          • We need Valkyrie on Hyrax, and we need Valkyrie working well with Fedora 6.
          • The Wings work is complicated, particularly for applications already in production.
          • We need a Fedora 6 Valkyrie to achieve a Fedora 6 Hyrax.
          • Samvera Connect 2020 could be a good rallying moment to encourage the community to start experimenting with Fedora 6, start test-transferring the repository, etc.
        • Engaging the community to play with some of the Fedora migration utils and how it works with Valkyrie would be useful.  Could we do this as a demo of Fedora 3-to-6, and then reference in Valkyrie?
          • Fedora community members are glad to engage on this.
      • Next steps:
        • Reach out to the community, attempt to learn who is still on Fedora 3.x, engage with them for testing.
  • Name change procedure
    • Begin today – change the Slack channel name (Rob will see if Richard can change it for us), and the wiki page (Kate will do the wiki), and send the email announcing (Rob will send this).

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