2023-02-06 Meeting Notes and Agenda




  • @Rebekah Kati

  • @Rob Kaufman

  • @Alexandra Dunn

  • @Juliet Hardesty

  • @Jon Cameron



Facilitator: Heather

Notetaker: @James Griffin

Discussion topics





Component Maintenance update

  • Components needing PO

  • Next steps for Hyrax components

  • Only questioning-authority requires a Product Owner

  • James is going to be scheduling meetings in order to advance this

    • Hyrax maintenance and alignment

    • Meeting with Product Owners s being discussed

  • Someone might be available for questioning-authority, but there is a real labor shortage

Cloud Deployment WG Charter

This is drafty; will send this week and discuss at Partners call

  • Charter is planned to be sent out this week

  • This (and other WGs) are going to be discussed during the Partner call scheduled for this Friday

  • Amazon Web Services (specifically a representative specializing in higher education clients) was contacted in order to draft the charter for this WG

  • The deliverables for this can be discussed during the kick-off of the meeting

  • A chair will be required in order to direct the focused labor for this WG

  • The timeline for the WG deliverables also will need to be determined once the WG has been chartered

  • Avalon dependencies for AWS integration are slightly different

    • Matterhorn, along with other services for Docker, Terraform

  • Kubernetes and Docker Compose would provide templates for running Avalon using one single server


Technology “Dreams” follow-up: the Board is requesting our group to determine next steps and lead actions for Dreams #3 and #4

  • Board held Winter Virtual Meeting

  • List of Dreams emerged from the “It Takes a Village” exercise

    • Clear technical strategy for the community. Defining a standards based approach and products. (#3)

      • Rewriting the white paper following the completion of Hyrax-Valkyrization

    • Easy Upgrades (#4)

      • What does this mean?

      • Ways of investigating easy upgrades could be explored by the Roadmaps Alignment Group

  • Progress on these are going to likely be blocked until Hyrax-Valkyrization has officially completion

  • There is an invitation for those who can propose an approach which would not require Valkyrization

Code4Lib 2023

  • Proposed Samvera meetup may be organized for the Code4Lib 2023 event in March


Metadata Interest Group

  • OAI-PMH is becoming a resurgent topic

  • This might inform Hyrax, Hyku, and Avalon offers in terms of features for supporting OAI-PMH

End-User Documentation

  • End-User documentation is planned to be developed for cloud deployment

  • Avalon is going to have a collection manager’s guide for usage


Community Leadership

  • How might Samvera create a role and sustain it for an extended length of time?

  • This was attempted with the lead developer role for Hyrax

Action items