2022-04-19 Meeting Notes and Agenda


Apr 19, 2022





  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @Jon Cameron

  • @Annamarie Klose

  • @Nabeela Jaffer

  • @Juliet Hardesty

  • @James Griffin


Discussion topics







Spring Partners Meeting for 05/02/2022


(James proposed this for the agenda. Might anything need to be prepared for this?)









  • Updates on migrating the Wiki (Jon)

    • Things are going well, still underway

  • Annamarie

    • Submitted a virtual talk addressing alt text, and this is likely going to be accepted

  • Agenda for the Next Scheduled Partner Meeting

  • Next Board Meeting

    • Heather submitted a proposal to remove the requirement for the iCLA or cCLA regarding providing contributions to the code base

    • These are generally falling out of favor in open source, and GitHub also provides some terms of service which address many of the concerns which were initially addressed by the iCLA/cCLA requirements

    • Heather is also looking to submit a session at the DLF Forum addressing how persons in non-technical roles can contribute to Samvera (this intersects with the iCLA/cCLA requirements)

  • Status of the Avalon Community

    • Michael Johnson (in the Lead Developer role) has passed (sympathies and condolences)

    • There are efforts to transition a new developer into this role, and assist in ensuring that this is addressed in such a manner as to support other members of the team

  • Roadmaps Alignment Group Update (Virtual Connect)

    • Jon has volunteered to provide the updates

    • Please enquire should one be willing to assist

  • Hyrax Working Group

    • Currently concluding the current cycle

    • May 16th begins the next cycle

      • Participants for the maintenance working group involved in this cycle will be committed for the next cycle

    • Blacklight/Bootstrap upgrade is a priority and necessary to complete before Rails 7.0.z releases can be addressed

Meeting adjourned at 09:20 PDT/12:20 EDT


Action items