2020-05-12 Meeting Notes



Rob Kaufman


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Previous Action Items

  • Connect with Component Maintenance Group and find out a) if they are active, b) if someone else is willing to join (in Mark's place) Mark Bussey
  • Reschedule Hyrax Interest Group meeting and take the Hyrax PO role forwards Rob Kaufman



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Hyrax PORK

Small update post partners, things are moving forward

Component Maintenance Group memberMBUpdate from last meeting

Task ReviewAll

Partner Meeting - recapNJ

Roadmaps Survey / next Partner CallJAhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1ksZrKJrTlBAKoBVwuW_IiGUH0rjKdB1TnDXZjJb9ZfM/edit

Action Items

Task report

Looking good, no incomplete tasks.


  • Call for additional items
    • Julie
      • Resourcing and survey results
      • Presenting the survey results at a Partners call
    • Nabeela
      • Perhaps we can discuss the Partner call
      • Marketing Working Group
        • Mention of some help from the Roadmap Council in updating the pages
        • Julie: Assigned certain pages from the last meeting
  • Agenda
    • Hyrax WG meeting rescheduled
    • There is potentially a new Hyrax Product Owner identified, but there are scheduling concerned
      • Julie Hardesty is looking to start this in July, hitting 20% stride by Connect 2020
        • Serve in this role for two years, with the second year involving the preparation for nominating the successor PO 
      • This will be discussed with the community during Virtual Connect
        • There needs to be some clarification addressing that Julie cannot begin to ramp up focus until at least July
    • Component Maintenance WG
      • James is going to serve as the representative for the WG
      • Mark could continue to be a Product Owner representative for the WG, with James serving as the developer representative
        • Prefer to keep Mark
      • James provided a history of the Core Component WG
        • (This will be drafted)
      • Roadmap Council is there to facilitate with community coordination from the WG
    • Parter Meeting Recap
      • Three goals were shared with Partners
        • Survey
        • Asks put to Partners
        • Code reclamation
        • Some discussions regarding the reinterpretation of 
          • For the ask, assumed that we were discussing the contribution model
          • Tom Cramer: Raised questions regarding the overall goals and objectives vs. the vision of the community
        • Roadmap
          • Are we actually working towards a roadmap?
            • Are we building a roadmap?
      • We might need a massive change to the charter
        • Rename to the "Roadmaps Council"
        • There is this constant problem of assuming that this council is chartered to create a single roadmap for the entire community
          • This is not the chartered purpose of this group
        • This needs to be clearly stated
          • The community does not empower us to establish a single roadmap
          • There also isn't interest from the community in empowering us to do so
        • We are more of a clearing house, "air traffic control"
        • If Partners do not understand this, then the rest of the community likely does not understand any of this either
        • Renaming
          • "Samvera Roadmaps Coordination Committee"
          • "Roadmap Clearing House"
          • If we continue to keep the "roadmap" term in the name, we still are left with the assumption that we have a roadmap
        • If there is a contingency of partners who do want to define a roadmap, this will need to be clearly identified and this will need to be addressed
        • We need to start this process by reviewing the charter
          • Changing the name by itself may not solve the problem
          • If we routinely provide an artifact to the community, then this might prove to be more effective
          • However, it might also be the case that not many will read the revised charter; renaming, then, should be given a higher priority
            • "Community Coordination Council"
        • For the next meeting, conduct a brainstorming exercise for renaming the group
          • Rob will lead this
        • The core anxiety which drove all of this is, what if I have my team invest my effort into Samvera solutions, but then the community takes an entirely unanticipated turn with new architecture
          • Can everyone feel secure that there is a stable framework that their institution has invested in
          • If we were more clear about the purpose of this group, community members would know where to check in
          • Do I adopt Hyrax 2? Wait for Hyrax 3? Use Valkyrie alone?
    • Roadmaps Survey
      • Offer a matrix to identify where institutions are directing resources for customizations
        • This could be use to derive features which could be scoped for community sprints instead of being left to internal customizations
      • Found there to be a lack of energy and activity within the community at the moment
        • Rather than put out a document summarizing this survey, during Partners call, propose a resourcing discussion with members of this council
          • How can Hyrax and Samvera better serve community and institutional needs during trying economic times?
          • Resourcing the community requires time from other institutions, more than anything else
      • During the last Partners Meeting, the resourcing questions were not completely addressed
      • From the survey, we could try and make the point that there is more which could coordinated centrally
      • However, there are limitations when it comes to community coordination
        • Unfunded mandates are difficult to define and then enforce
        • Explicitly requesting FTE time for a set duration of time is much more helpful
      • The size of the meeting itself can be discouraging
        • Trying to reduce meeting sizes in order to try and find those who can readily contribute resources to a community sprint
      • We still need to present the survey results to Partners
      • There is something to the idea of hosting a meeting with the implicit directive "if you want to do this, please attend; if you do not, please do not"
        • Otherwise there is more time invested in discussions and resource planning for those without FTE resources to contribute
    • Hyrax Development
      • Tom Johnson and Matt Critchlow have been investigating taking more time to addressing Wings support for Hyrax 3
      • There are concerns regarding the ActiveFedora dependencies in the stack
        • If this can be completed, Component Maintenance can serve to assist with deprecating ActiveFedora dependent components
      • Concern is that there might need to more involved in integration testing
        • Upgrading to Hyrax 3 is a process in itself to test
      • There need to be steps towards integrating community development efforts
        • Provide Partners with the survey results
        • More focus gathering which draws in community members with the resources to do it
        • Present "here are the next 3-4 objectives, how can I prioritize this?"
        • Rob and Jon will assist Julie with preparing for this
    • Analytics
      • There may be some effort organized focused upon this
      • Remains to be determined
    • Scheduling the Next Meeting
      • We will meet in two weeks
  • Meeting adjourned at 09:55 PDT/12:55 EDT