2020-07-07 Meeting notes




Discussion items

Name ChangeRob

Partner MeetingNabeela


  • Proposed agenda item: Community perception and the purpose of the Roadmap Council
    • This might be a distraction for the Partners, as the meeting should really be focused upon the actionable items for the autumn
    • Still, how to we want to communicate our role to the entire community? Do we see ourselves in serving this role? Will we provide resources to Tom, Jessica, and others?
  • Partner Meeting
    • Presentation is excellent
    • It does focus more on the results of the community survey
    • Where else should the discussion lead during the Partners Call?
      • From this point onwards, Partners should use the Wiki space referenced
      • Resource Planning
        • Is the Roadmap Council going to be addressing this during the call?
        • This is not addressed explicitly during the presentation
        • Short-term call to action: Add your requests to the document
          • Presentation should focus more upon "why" as opposed to the call-to-action
        • Need to clarify that we need to know about requests before we can attempt to align them as priorities
          • Perhaps we should also follow this in the community with an e-mail
        • This Wiki will be updated periodically
          • This will be an ongoing task
        • Perhaps we should look for commonalities between resource requests
          • Reporting should address: what are the trends between institutional requests for resources?
      • Wiki
        • Would become a community resource for tracking which community members are requesting resources for different projects
    • Presentation Format
      • Should try and ensure that the purpose of the presentation is clear for Partners
      • Nabeela with speak for the first half of the presentation, with Jon speaking for the second half of the presentation; Rob will discuss the survey findings
  • Name Change
    • There seems to be a consensus
    • Steering supports the change in name, and permits us to choose the time at which to rename the Council
      • Roadmaps Alignment Group
    • With the opportunity to change the name, we should also try to emphasize what we would like to focus upon within the community, and how we should look to communicate with community members in the future
  • Transition to the Next Leader for the Council
    • There will be a quarterly newsletter from the Council
    • Perhaps this will be an opportunity to announce the name change, and to provide the context for this
      • Placing the statement for the leadership transition in this might be best
    • Any reason to postpone the changing of the name at this point?
      • (None)
  • Volunteering to serve as Leader for the next quarter
    • As a Group last Fall, it was decided that there would be a change in leadership quarterly
    • Rotation for leadership is now policy
      • Facilitate meetings and draft a report at the end of the quarter (one is the primary author of the report)
      • Creating the agenda for the call is also necessary
    • Any volunteers?
      • Kate has volunteered
      • Jen has volunteered to serve after Kate
    • Rob will proceed with drafting the report for this quarter
  • Sending an E-Mail to Partners
    • This was suggested in order to request for questions from Partners
    • The presentation will not be shared, but a brief summary of what is to be discussed
    • For the meeting, one item is the request for a Code of Conduct review by an outside entity, along with incident management training
  • Valkyrie Product Ownership
    • As Kate has transitioned into a managerial position with Princeton (which is also Trey's institution), Kate and Trey have been looking for a new volunteer outside of Princeton
    • There are some interested parties, but no single person has volunteered
    • Also waiting for another institution to implement a repository using Valkyrie and deploy this to production
      • Yale has been working towards a production release of a Valkyrie repository
  • Hyrax Production Ownership
    • Julie Hardesty has agreed to serve as the new product owner
    • IG has also been coming online
    • The posting of the Community Manager position also alleviates concerns regarding the possible burden of the Hyrax PO role
  • Meeting adjourned at 09:48 PDT/12:48 EDT

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