2021-11-16 Meeting notes


Nov 16, 2021


  • @jen young

  • @Juliet Hardesty

  • @Jon Cameron

  • @Nabeela Jaffer

  • @Heather Greer Klein

Discussion topics







Staffing Needs Assessment Document


  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1llFCQMftFBf7bK0OOAqdZJWaVr9_cZYihH2lzk1gjL0/edit

  • How will technical managers for specific projects work with the community tech lead?

  • This will be part of a strategy to define this role

  • No tech lead for Hyrax right now, but releases still need to happen, work needs to get out there

  • If there was a Samvera tech manager, we could ask them to organize releases. If the tech lead is always going to be a volunteer, we’ll always be in that spot with Hyrax

  • A matter of figuring out: what are some of the smallest increments of this work that we can decide on, and which of those blocks are most critically important, and how can we get those needs met

  • People have felt burned from the lack of structure in past community sprints, turned off from the community

  • Some things can’t fall to the Hyrax tech lead, but that have in the past which also inhibits progress

  • Pain point is that Hyrax takes up so much the technical work, but it’s not just Hyrax in Samvera. Looking to a broader view.

  • This person should be involved in the roadmap council.

  • Technical leadership, technical coordination and release management are the biggest things lacking right now

  • If we had some Samvera-level release management or technical leadership, that might make it easier to find a Hyrax tech lead

  • As Avalon moves to Hyrax, there will be more overlap between top-level person and Hyrax tech lead potentially

  • Makes sense to have this person at a higher level

  • We could define technical leadership further in the response to the questions

  • Can we contact people about the specific needs for technical work (question 1e)?

  • Hard to pose questions to the community, but we could generate that technical work list and send out to the community. This could be brought to a number of tech calls as well.

  • No survey, just a document to read and discuss.

  • There was a job description for the tech lead that is lost to time, so starting from scratch on that.

  • Heather sees question 3 as depending on the full time or part time status of this person

  • Nabeela will share a document with our tech lead needs, and take it to the board to see how we want to frame the conversation about this position

Next Meeting


  • Talk about maintenance work for year ahead, and looking at our existing priority list







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