2023-08-28 Meeting Notes and Agenda




  • @Rebekah Kati

  • @Rob Kaufman

  • @Alexandra Dunn

  • @Juliet Hardesty

  • @Jon Cameron

  • @Daniel Pierce

  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @James Griffin - regrets


Facilitator: Heather






Project check-in

Any upcoming updates to discuss?

  • Announcement for Hyrax 5 RC going out today!

    • A few features to work through before it is a stable release; need to get it QA’ed through Surfliner and HMWG processes

    • Future focuses of effort : migration paths, fixing tests that are looking for active Fedora, Fedora 6 support, analytics issue

    • Hyrax dependency refresh effort will be needed: behind on version of Blacklight. Will need a Rails upgrade to Rails 7, JavaScript libraries issue.

    • Tamsin and Rob had a pairing session on migration paths, Rob working on new adapter to read from posgres then Fedora. New records into postgres. Want to avoid writing to Fedora. Preliminary version, metadata only, available this week.

    • SoftServ does not have a contract to solve the file part of the problem

    • Daniel and maybe Jeremy will be at the Partner meeting on September 8th to give update

    • SoftServ will put out call to work on migrations ASAP, because they have capacity

Moving Bulkrax out of Labs; any planning for Bulkrax integration?

  • There is a set of issues about moving it out of labs; needs to be in CircleCI account might be important to talk about; test coverage stuff. Afternoon worth of effort to move it. Question is around github actions vs CircleCI. Just about test suite at this point. Rob will check on this.

  • Current listed product owner no longer with SoftServ. Will find out if he wants to remain in that role.

Planning other items

  • New/updated technical white paper: we discussed this as something to do after Valkyrization

  • planning for active fedora support schedule

    • timing for getting this out to the community

  • Fedora 6 work support

  • Hyrax tech lead and PO turnover in mid-2024

  • Development fund/pledging - Board will be bringing this for discussion to the Partners

Need a facilitator for Sept 11 meeting

Julie will facilitate



Action items