2022-09-19 Meeting Notes and Agenda


Sep 19, 2022



  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @Jon Cameron

  • @Nabeela Jaffer

  • @James Griffin

  • @Juliet Hardesty (first 10 min)

  • @Rebekah Kati

  • @Annamarie Klose

  • @Rob Kaufman

Facilitator: Heather

Notetaker: James

Discussion topics





September Hyrax-Valkyrization Effort report out

(Sorry, I have placed these at the bottom of the page)

Welcome and introductions

Welcome Rebekah

Facilitator request

get back to rotations? 6 months (12 meetings), 3 months (6 meetings)? Create and share agendas, lead meeting

Proposal for Core Components changes (James)

  • https://groups.google.com/g/samvera-tech/c/ex_kq4vhiXU/m/UKtdTQURAQAJ

  • https://samvera.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/samvera/pages/1813479425

  • Lack of availability for core components because of focus on Hyrax. Also limited communication on maintenance of gems. James has made some progress, but wants to try to re-scope core components, replace with an interest group. Redefining or re-evaluating community needs, and presenting at Connect. Make it more accessible and visible. James has been trying to upgrade active fedora, but with valkyrized Hyrax will come out soon so might not be maintained for long. But knowing who needs a gem like this and for how long, and working to make sure there is a clear path to migrate off of some of these gems is the right call. Users of the gems could be helped to migrate to new solutions.

  • Not much effort or interest so far on core components maintenance call. Don’t want to introduce obstacles to other project work.

  • What happens if we just declare them all deprecated across the board? Rob thinks that would cause alarm, but might be what is needed to get maintenance responsibilities goes. Rob has long suspected that our dependency split is inverted. In most large projects there is the core functionality, and plug-ins. Consolidating into core Hyrax code base reduces maintenance burden.

  • Anticipate hand wringing, but curious if it will lead to change.



Assignment from Board: updated state of technology white paper

Don’t want it to report without Hyrax Valkyrization completed. But a reasonable request. First quarter of next year would be the better timeline. Hoping it would mean fewer caveats.

Heather will bring that to the board.

GitHub Teams – what are the next steps

  • Better implementing Github Teams

  • has notes on this

  • Without CLAs, do we need teams?

    • It’s useful when managing tickets

    • Reviewing, merging PRs

  • Current team membership is a bit wonky in the context of who’s working on stuff

  • Teams specific to non-developer roles would be a way to drive home the point that there are technical parts of being in this community without writing Ruby code


Development Communication Plan

  • Having a regular plan to ask for help when large dependency updates are coming




Action items




  • Hyrax-Valkyrization

    • Held the community sprint

    • Project Board: Hyrax Valkyrization Project Board:

    • Two weeks in length, there are still some outstanding issues to be fully-resolved

    • Improvements are being made for supporting derivative generation

      • Similarly, there is ongoing progress for integrating the UniversalViewer

    • Nested and shared collections are being advanced

    • Release Management

      • There is still outstanding labor required to support integrating Bootstrap for the latest Blacklight support?

      • Might there be a 4.0.0 and 5.0.0 simultaneously?

      • Valkyrized-Hyrax should not break any of the improvements and upgrades for the 4.0.0 pre-releases

      • Perhaps a single beta might be possible then?

    • 10/03/22 begins the final sprint with Julie as the Product Owner for the Maintenance Group

  • Welcome Rebekah!

    • Rebekah will be serving as the new Product Owner for Hyrax

    • Julie will continue to attend as a representative for the Metadata IG

  • Future Roadmaps Alignment Group

    • Perhaps this should be a rotating role?

      • There was a consensus for this decision

    • Facilitator would be responsible for ensuring that the agenda is always prepared

    • One person setting the agenda provided the energy needed for this group

    • Heather has volunteered to serve throughout the rest of the 2022 year

      • Planning the rotation for the 2023 year

      • James is available

  • Core Components

    • (Notes to be added)

  • Updated State of Technology white paper

    • ITHAKA paper and the need to publish a new paper (following version 1 released in 2019)

    • Want to publish a much more updated paper by 2022

    • This updated version must not state that the Valkyrized Hyrax is nearly complete

    • Definitely valuable to discuss, in more abstract terms, that there are efforts for decoupling the persistence backends

    • Publishing a paper in January 2023/Q1 is much more likely to be accurate in describing the state of Hyrax features sets and development progress

    • Avalon on Hyrax

      • There are a number of different strategies being explored

      • Will all development effort be halted on the current Avalon release series to dedicate resources for Hyrax/Valkyrie? Or might this be more modularized?

    • Hyku

      • Pushing to try and ensure that PostgreSQL is adopted as a persistence backend as quickly as possible

      • There exist several projects which require a high degree of data storage which would not be possible with Fedora

    • GitHub Teams

      • James needs to identify who should and should not be provided with membership to the GitHub Organizations for Samvera

    • Development Communication Plan

      • Request updates from members of the Roadmaps Alignment Group to determine if any technology domain requires additional labor (and, if so, determine whether or not a community sprint might be required)

      • There should be a new Rails release in the foreseeable future

        • Rails 7.1 is planned for release

        • Rails 6.0 series would then be end-of-life

          • No major updates are required, unless a new form of JavaScript handling is supported

        • Last of Ruby 2.7.z series is likely to be end-of-life at some point near or on Christmas Day

          • There may well need to be some labor to ensure that Ruby 2.7.z is no longer supported

        • Fewer Gems would actually reduce the amount of labor needed to support each upgrade


Meeting adjourned at 11:52 PDT/14:52 EDT