2020-07-21 Meeting Notes



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Partners MeetingKate
Valkyrie Product OwnershipKate


  • Partners Meeting
    • Notes from the Meeting: July 10, 2020
    • Structure of the Confluence page was discussed
      • Discussed whether or not projects such as Hyrax are appropriate for being added to the page
      • Added a column for "Project Name"
      • Jon will be looking to e-mail the community (samvera-community and samvera-tech) with a request for usage
    • Reminder to revisit this topic for the meeting held next month
    • Nabeela is requesting contributions from colleagues at U. Michigan
    • Feedback was overall very positive, all appreciated the clarification
    • Steering and Name Change
      • Consensus at this point, however there needs to be an e-mail sent to the community for this
    • The notes for the last quarter are forthcoming
    • Will the Confluence Page entries address planning for Valkyrie?
      • (Yes, any product name/solution bundle can be included) 
      • Should this be mentioned explicitly in the e-mail?
      • Solutions should have their own form boxes on the Confluence Page layout
    • Set an agenda item for 3 months
      • Engage with the community and check to see if there are any projects or solution bundles for which roadmapping should be addressed
  • Valkyrie Product Owner
    • Trey Pendragon is moving forward and contacting potential product owners in order to determine availability for this role
    • If this connection cannot be made with the personal requests for product owners, then a community-wide request for a volunteer will be issued
  • Steering Group Election
    • Results have been received
    • There was the possibility of inviting someone from Steering to join this group
    • Has anyone been identified?
      • E-mailing Steering is perhaps the best path forward with a request for participation
      • Kate Lynch will e-mail Steering with this request
  • Meeting adjourned at 09:23 PM PDT / 12:23 PM EDT

Action items

  • Rob Kaufmanwill draft and release the notes from the previous quarter by  
  • Kate Lynch will e-mail Steering with a request for participating in and attending this group as a liaison by