2020-04-14 Meeting Notes



Rob Kaufman

Nabeela Jaffer

jen young

Mark Bussey


I'm not sure what to put here



Component Maintenance Group memberMBmark wants to step down in place of someone more active on Component Maintenance Group

Hyrax PORK

discussion of the role, and the person who is interested; some discussion about the level of committment and how to encourage greater contribution across partners, plus need for community role remains and that we should not rely on the community manager in the short term (even though it's closer than it was)

Action Items

  • Connect with Component Maintenance Group and find out a) if they are active, b) if someone else is willing to join (in Mark's place) Mark Bussey
  • Reschedule Hyrax Interest Group meeting and take the Hyrax PO role forwards Rob Kaufman

Task report

Looking good, no incomplete tasks.