2020-05-26 Meeting Notes



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Roadmaps Survey / next Partner Call

service provider representation

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  • Request for additional agenda items
    • Partners Meeting conversation
    • E-Mail from Simeon on Friday, where they volunteered to work with Steering in order to present on June 12th (the next Partners Meeting)
    • Present the survey results and brainstorming exercise
      • Are we ready to continue with this work given the community loss?
      • If so, what are we going to present during the Partners call?
      • If we are not ready, we could always postpone; there is always another Partners Call
        • Nabeela can work with Simeon and Carolyn, and bring it back to work with Jon and Rob
        • This would provide time for finding the expectations of Partners
        • Maybe, then, the presentation can be delayed until July
      • Rob accepts either timeline
    • Nabeela will take the proposed approach where they work first with Simeon and proceed with the presentation for the July meeting
  • Roadmap Survey
    • Are there any other action items from the survey results?
      • There were some specific things that Roadmap Council members needed to address for the council members?
      • No, this seems like a situation where further conversation will be needed
  • Jen represents the Metadata Interest Group
  • Julie represented for service providers and vendor solutions
    • Do we want to ask another service provider if they want representation in this group?
      • Notch8 and DCE have a presence
    • There was one more role, where Julie was on Steering, and it would be good to have somebody on the Council who is a part of Steering as well
  • Updating the name of the Roadmap Council
    • Ensure that we define our roles well with the name update
    • Otherwise, we don't want to be a second steering group
    • We need to delay the naming exercise (particularly given that Mark was unavailable for this meeting)
  • Nomination of an existing member of this Council to serve on Steering
    • Nabeela already has John Weise on Steering
    • Jen also has Carolyn on Steering
    • Notch8 is working on getting Kevin nominated
    • James would be eligible, but this would be a significant commitment
    • Mark might also be eligible
      • We can also offer a liaison
    • We should wait until after the election, and wait to see if there is someone who might be available
  • Items for Future Meetings
    • Perhaps reflect upon the three goals which we are seeking to address
      • Code reclamation goal
        • There have been many shifts in priorities throughout the COVID crisis
        • Perhaps some of the goals might need to be adjusted
        • We still need to try and achieve the code reclamation by Samvera Connect
        • Vision was to create a path to make it easier for others to contribute
  • Meeting adjourned at 09:27PDT/12:27 EDT