2021-06-29 Meeting and Agenda

Jun 29, 2021



  • @jen young

  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @Juliet Hardesty

  • @Nabeela Jaffer

  • @Kate Lynch

  • @James Griffin


Discussion items





Partners presentation about the results of our work gathering Hyrax feature development information.

@Heather Greer Klein

Review list of partners to reach out to for Roadmaps Alignment

repo managers group has worked on putting together the spreadsheet from the Samvera implementation pages.

 @jen young

Suggested topic: planning for cross-tech coordination




  • Partners Presentation

    • Review and assign slide work to those within this Group

      •  Looking to focus upon Hyrax

      • Resource planning and prioritization for the Hyrax roadmap

      • Recently Completed Hyrax Development

        • How recent? If a Hyrax implementation is finished, by what time was it finished?

        • Since January 2020, are there specific releases which can be discussed?

        • For institutional Hyrax development, are there recently-completed features which might be returned to the Hyrax code base upstream?

        • There will also be a Jam Board more directly addressing this topic

        • Proposal: Remove the word “recently”

      • Opportunities for Collaboration

        • If everyone needs DOI support in Hyrax, might this justify a community sprint?

        • Should have all who customized the DOI support in Hyrax convene, and compare custom feature support first

        • “Code Reclamation”: Is there a widespread understanding of this phrase? In past usage, it was understood to mean that custom features are reintroduced into the Hyrax code base upstream

      • Heather surveyed additional partners in the past number of weeks for European Samvera Partners

        • Confirmed that individual institutions can be identified

          • @Juliet Hardesty volunteered to assist with this slide

        • Percentage of Partners who contributed to Maintenance and non-partners who have contributed to Maintenance

        • Will also need to define what constitutes maintenance

        • Should be 1 pie chart in addition to the slide

        • Want to try and emphasize the number of partners who have been actively contributing to maintenance

      • Trends in Completed Institutional Hyrax Feature Development

        • @Nabeela Jaffer volunteered to assist with this slide

      • Planned Institutional Development

        • Outreach, and this might be informed by which features we would be looking to implemented in Hyrax first

        • Original idea was to try and find member organizations within Samvera who are going to focus on the same feature(s) and assist with coordination

        • Perhaps a Jam Board can work for this?

      • Next Steps with the Data

        • Is it completely true that this Group is going to propose a restructured Hyrax roadmap?

      • What is Next for the Roadmaps Alignment Group

        • Discussing Avalon: an example of an upcoming goal is to finalize the integration with the latest release of Hyrax

    • Partners Meeting

      • Approximately 20 minutes of this meeting

    • Volunteering to Start the Slides with the Objectives

      • Switch to Nabeela (slide 4 up to slide 6)

      • Switch to Heather

      • Jen has volunteered to present slides 2, 3, and 9

    • Partners Meeting is scheduled for 11:30 EDT on 07/09/21

Meeting adjourned at 09:39 PDT/12:39 EDT


Action Items