2019-08-06 Meeting Notes and Agenda


Attendees: Julie Allinson jen young Nabeela Jaffer Rob Kaufman Mark Bussey

Facilitator: Julie Allinson

Notetaker: Mark Bussey


  • Resourcing Survey Follow-up
    • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ksZrKJrTlBAKoBVwuW_IiGUH0rjKdB1TnDXZjJb9ZfM/edit
    • Most survey respondents seemed to push resourcing of Analytics, Permissions when weighed against Valkyrie / Wings
    • TODO: Nabeela will add graphical summary of responses where available 
    • General consensus that we should provide a short directional conclusion and distribute to community list
    • May want to add a few lines about existing work (& that it wasn't included in survey)
    • There were a few comments about enhancing riiif...
  • Hyrax Product Owner next steps

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Facilitator: Mark Bussey

Notetaker: jen young