2020-09-29 Meeting Notes




Discussion items


Proposal: Extend Kate's leadership for 4th quarterRob

Finally send 2nd quarter summary (I'm sorry!)Rob

Send an email to Steering for a Steering representative as a member of RA groupNabeela


  • Group decided to extend Kate's leadership through the end of 2020.
  • Kate will draft Roadmap goals for review at the next meeting.
  • Rob will send out an email to the community announcing the name change (Roadmaps Alignment Group) and get in touch with administrators to update the Slack channel.  Once this is done, Kate will also update the wiki.
  • Nabeela will email Steering to for a Steering representative for the RA group.  
  • The Samvera Community Manager should be announced soon.  Should this group reach out for a meeting, and possibly ask them to be a standing member?

Action items