2023-09-08 Meeting notes



  • @Juliet Hardesty

  • @Daniel Pierce

  • @Alexandra Dunn

  • @Jon Cameron


Regrets: Rebekah Kati, Rob Kaufman, Heather Greer Klein

Facilitator: Julie


 Discussion topics





Project check-in:


  • Surfliner done with their sprints; Princeton sprinting now

  • Tidying up smaller features, then tidy up tests, aiming for stable 5.0 by Samvera Connect

  • Can use Hyrax with just Valkyrie backend (Postgres storage)

  • Fedora 6 adaptor is next and will be part of Hyrax code (hopefully like a 5.1)

  • 5.0 contains both .dassie and .koppie and those are being used directly for test suite testing


  • no update


  • 7.7 release in the works, aiming for Samvera Connect

  • change in media player is big focus, iiif support

  • Tanya Clement (UT Austin) grant - AV Annotate, Avalon part in grant is developing iiif_auth 2.0 within Avalon and use that in RAMP to broker that authentication layer (brand new for IIIF)

  • transcript support is next - going for feature parity with Aviary in next release; indexing for search, display and playback of transcript materials for media resources

  • file upload support removed from current release (was going to use Uppy library and trying to get around custom interface but not happening); strict limit on large file sizes right now and want to remove that

    • might be something to bring back to community but won’t be until next year

    • does seem to require some kind of NodeJS server app that runs on its own (not sure those details are quite right here in the notes)

  • F6 in Avalon being investigated - need to see if anyone from Avalon is on Hyrax F6 WG


  • no updates and folks who tend to work on sprints are working on Hyrax Valkyrization

  • 3.0 is out but no definite plans for another release

  • there are dependencies but no front end interface so not as loud when those updates are needed

Core Components

  • no updates


  • Nested metadata and field ordering conversations coming up again

  • Also looking at accessibility issues in Hyrax

  • Citation feature and contact form seem to not work well out of the box and might be a bit neglected in Hyrax



  • Partners meeting discussed promoting it to samvera org; work on this at Samvera Connect? still needs to be suggested as a dev congress topic

  • Bulkrax is close, just needs a little bit more work

Fedora 6 WG

  • first meeting scheduled for September 25!

Partner Call (dev fund/pledges)

  • maybe didn’t really happen at the partners call?

Additional Items?


 Action items

Avalon rep on Hyrax F6 Working Group!