2020-11-10 Meeting Notes




Discussion items


Renaming effortHeather

Populating the roadmaps document with partnersKate

Codifying PO processKate


  • Heather will do additional renaming and general cleanup of the wiki, including a summary of past deliverables.
  • We could use a page explaining the name change, for historical documentation.
  • Kate will draft an outline of codifying the PO selection process, for review by the group.
  • Has anyone brought the roadmaps document to the partners to fill out?  Yes, in the past, and it would probably be a good idea to do it again.  Heather can mention to the group as a whole, and make it clear that each partner doesn't have to fill out everything for the sake of breadth, but can focus on smaller chunks they're working on.
  • Consider: should we reach out to individual partners and guide them in filling out the roadmaps alignment document, based on features they're publicly interested in/working on.
  • Determine ways to demonstrate the value of the roadmaps alignment document.  Evaluate how it could be used as part of the code reclamation project. 
    • Look at which feature sets we can focus on (example, analytics, REST APIs), and follow up with specific partners.

Action items