2019-10-29 Meeting Notes and Agenda


Mark Bussey

jen young

Rob Kaufman

Julie Allinson

Nabeela Jaffer

Facilitator: Mark Bussey

Notetaker: jen young


Thanks for Rob for putting together our deck for partners. Able to reuse in our session at Samvera Connect. 

Notes from partner's meeting

  • any plans for the retrospective after each year?
  • purpose of the roadmap council - is it aligning the roadmaps and answering the question 'when is a feature will be on a roadmap'
  • how do grants come into play for defining the roadmap?
  • resourcing question: how do we ask for more resources?

  • Our role is problem solving. 
  • Plan on a retrospective for next meeting - Mark Bussey can setup retrium for us to use. It's about our work over the past year. 
  • Discuss our charter - are we aligned to what the community expects/needs?
  • Valkyrie product owner – Kate Lynch. Trey Pendragon is Technical lead. Represented by Core Components. Should they be represented on the Roadmap Council? Has its own roadmap and deliverables. Julie Allinsonwill reach out to Kate.
  • Most core components don't have a roadmap. Hyrax is not a core component. 
  • Grants: they don't really factor in since we don't know about them ahead of time. Is there something we can do to learn about these earlier in the process? Should at least know that Samvera is being involved somehow in the grant. What do we expect from the community? What about grants that don't happen? What services can we offer to help with the grant process? How can we encourage contributing back? Look into setting up a grant resources site – past grants, what help can be provided. Connect with Richard Green on this – Can also take to partner calls.  
  • Resourcing: what can we do about it? are we asking in an effective way? whose responsibility is it? can we develop a year-long schedule for planned needs? we can help facilitate finding resources or tech leads/po's.  Several people interested in being Hyrax PO.
  • Suggested Hyrax Interest Group proposal https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r81LVMaPnyKtP0Byxe0k_dxoGQNPbcAMgPRiWZTXE08/edit# - any comments due by end of week

Suggestion from Trey Pendragon about asking component product owners to provide roadmaps and/or resourcing needs for the year.


Action Items:

Next meeting: 2019-11-12

Facilitator: Mark Bussey

Notetaker: retrium board