2019-11-26 Meeting Notes and Agenda


Julie Allinson

Rob Kaufman

Kate Lynch

jen young

Mark Bussey

Facilitator: Rob Kaufman

Notetaker: Julie Allinson


Action Items from Retrospective (unprioritized):

  • Invite others (like core component P.O.s and Partners) to contribute their roadmaps (ideally via an easy to use template)
  • Conduct an experiment in having a specific Chairperson for six months
  • Timebox our milestones and deliverables more consistently
  • Answer the question: Are roadmaps aligned?
  • Conduct a review or survey of existing artifacts and knowledge (related to roadmaps)
  • Define where the group has agency or levels of agency
  • Create a working, concrete definition of "Roadmap"
  • Brainstorm tools to support more direct discussion of roadmaps
  • Populate a backlog of action items and goals for the group
  • Review and revise our charter as we start the next iteration of the council


Intro from Kate - wants a good sense of community concerns re high profile code bases, and of community over code

Rob - general call for features is not a good idea; but maybe ask for people's 'one' feature; it's likely that that will be Wings

Kate - Trey and Kate are willing to put together a roadmap for Valkyrie

Need a better understanding of grant roadmaps (BL/UVa/Ubiquity – PALNI/PALCI – Oregon Analytics)

Do we need to define "roadmap"? What about tools? Do we want to review tools?

Hyku / Avalon / Hyrax have stayed relatively aligned.

Second pair model - contributing back to the community in project work; when people ask for a feature a second time, then we extract it and make it a gem. Splits the burden of initial development, and community contribution.

Rotating chair - point of contact for the outside world; could help us keep an arc of work going - three monthly cycle aligned with work plan, from January

Lo-Fi survey of roadmaps/plans for next year - from components, partners, projects

Postpone discussion of agency for when nabeela is on the call

Postpone reviewing charter for first meeting in January

Do we need a roadmap council roadmap? visibility to the outside world - this could be part of the chair role, and handed over at the end of the 3 months

Action Items:

Next meeting:

10th December 2019

Facilitator: Julie Allinson

Notetaker:  Kate Lynch