2019-07-23 Meeting Notes and Agenda



Rob Kaufman

Jon Cameron

jen young

Mark Bussey

Julie Allinson

Facilitator: Rob Kaufman

Notetaker: Mark Bussey


  • Discussion of the email out to those who filled out the survery
    Need to send e-mail followup to the community describing outcomes of survey and participation.  - Rob Kaufman
    Need to send separate followup to folks who specifically responded that they'd like to participate.  - Mark Bussey
  • Steps for hyrax po update
    Need to brainstorm potential candidates and solicit volunteers, Mark to brainstorm with Steve and generate list for review with this group on 8/6Mark Bussey
    Proposal to articulate the Product Owner role as a 2 year commitment (and corollary Tech Lead as two year commitment starting on alternate years) with option to renew
    References: General Product Owner Responsibilities Product Owner Responsibilities, Hyrax Product Owner Duties see google groups note

  • Hyku release
    Upcoming release (upgrade to Hyrax 2.5.1) End of week (7/26-ish)
    Next: Add Hybridge importer as out-of-box component, add import-export round tripping as optional or integrated component
    Next: User admin interface engine

  • Component Maintenance: Solrizer Deprecation (hopefully uncontroversial)
    Anticipated deprecation August 1st


Next meeting:

Facilitator: Julie Allinson

Notetaker: Jon Cameron