Product Owner Responsibilities

  1. Ensure a release gets cut.

    1. Decide when a release is done, what the version number should be, what will be in a release, ensure the CHANGELOG is updated, and announce the release to the community.

    2. Decide what the policy for your component is in regards to backwards compatibility and which versions are supported.

  2. Own the Backlog

    1. Handle incoming issue labeling

    2. Create tickets for security issues discovered by automated tooling.

    3. Ensure pull requests aren’t sitting around without any response for a long time.

    4. Know what priorities are by being in touch with stakeholders enough to understand what the greatest pain points/desires for features are.

    5. Be able to give the Core Components Working Group a gauge of how important a set of work is and when it needs to be done. Have a ready answer for “if we could give you a week of work, what would you spend it on?”

    6. Be able to find answers for “so and so wants to do this with the library, is that a good idea?”

  3. Act as point of contact for questions about the component’s goals and path

  4. Ensure there’s sufficient documentation for the component to be useful

    1. Doesn’t necessarily have to write the documentation, but should know what’s out there and have an idea of what might need to be updated if the scope changes, etc.

  5. Actively participate during sprints to provide guidance and prioritization.

  6. Report on whether the component still meets the requirements for being a core component.

    1. Meets the criteria here: