Samvera GIS Data Modeling Working Group

Scope & Objectives

The Samvera GIS Data Modeling Working Group will be developing models for geospatial (GIS) data in Samvera, including Fedora and PCDM. This work will:

  • provide common GIS data models for shared tools to enhance interoperability among Hydra institutions.

  • drive shared approaches to metadata, workflows, and best-practices for managing GIS content in Hydra.

  • provide a starting point, a pathway, for newcomers who want to manage GIS data in Hydra.

  • promote stewardship of GIS resources in a Hydra repository.

Deliverables & Timeframe

  • PCDM implementations of GIS data models:

    • “georeferenced maps” (in time for Hydra Connect 2015, late-September)

    • other scenarios (e.g., vector datasets, raster datasets) (2015)

  • Tutorial/presentation materials for workshops and conferences (early 2016)

  • Fedora 4 reference implementation of the GIS data models (2016)

  • Final data modeling documentation (Feb 2017)

    Sunset date: Early 2017

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

The working group will use the standard hydra mailing lists (hydra-community, hydra-tech) with [geospatial] as the Subject prefix. We will meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month on the Princeton conference line or Google Hangouts.

Time: 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific


Next call: Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Other Resources

Inter-group communicationGoogle Group and Slack Channel

Shared documents: Google Drive folder.

Reference implementation: GitHub repository.


Note that all members of a WG must be licensed Hydra contributors, with the appropriate CLAs in place.

  • Facilitator:   Eliot Jordan (Princeton University)

  • James Griffin III (Lafayette College Libraries)

  • John Huck (University of Alberta Libraries)

  • Darren Hardy (Stanford University)

  • Eric James (Yale University)

  • bess (Data Curation Experts)

  • your name here (your institution here)


Meeting Notes