Fedora 3 to 4 Migration Interest Group


Discuss and document F3 to F4 migration questions, strategies, experiences, solutions, etc.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Note that following current best practices within Hydra, Working and Interest groups should use an existing channel unless and until it becomes clear that a dedicated channel is needed. This section should specify which existing channel(s) will be used: e.g., samvera-tech, samvera-partners, samvera-community@googlegroups.com. When using a shared channel, individual working groups should start the subject line with their name in []s, such as [archives] for the Archives Working Group. If and when a dedicated channel is needed, the new channel should be well publicized and open to any interested subscribers/participants in the community. 


At least three organizations must be represented in an interest group.  Anyone may be part of an interest group with or without a CLA, as there are no deliverables from the group.

  • David Chandek-Stark, chair (Duke University)
  • Benjamin Armintor, bench (Columbia University)
  • Mike Korcynski, (Tufts University)
  • Andrew Woods, hammock (DuraSpace)
  • Sheila Rabun, (University of Oregon)
  • Steven Anderson (Boston Public Library)
  • Adam Wead (Penn State University)
  • Jim Coble (Duke University)
  • Glen Horton (University of Cincinnati)


Meeting Notes