Samvera Time-based Media Interest Group


This group has been retired due to lack of activity.

Scope & Objectives

The Time-Based Media Interest Group is a forum for discussing management, access and preservation of audio and video repository content, particularly in Samvera-based systems.

Topics of interest may include:

  • metadata (such as PBCore, RDF and PCDM)

  • file management practices (formats, transcoding, workflows, preservation)

  • digital preservation practices

  • interoperability issues (standards similar to IIIF, between applications such as Avalon/Sufia/HydraDAM)

  • media related technologies (players, streaming servers, applications such as Avalon, HydraDAM)

  • access challenges and opportunities (LTI, adaptive streaming, access control, discovery)

  • tools for teaching and scholarship (transcripts, analysis, annotation)

Potential group activities:

  • liaising with, and promoting Hydra in, other media-oriented communities (such as AMIA, IASA)

  • ensuring that Hydra solutions meet the needs of media collection management

  • identifying best practices for media management

  • surveying the media landscape and needs of the Hydra community

  • provide input on development roadmaps for media-related Hydra Projects (Avalon, HydraDAM2, etc)

Meeting Times and Communication Channels

Time/Date: Usually the last Thursday of the month at 1pm ET.

We use the channel for cross-community communications. The subject line of a message posted to this channel shall be preceded by "T-MIG" in square brackets. 

If and when a dedicated channel is needed, the new channel should be well publicized and open to any interested subscribers/participants in the community.   

If you wish to receive invites to monthly calls, please add your name below:

Julie Rudder, Northwestern University

Mark Notess, Indiana University

William Cowan, Indiana University

Steven Villereal, University of Virginia

Hannah Frost, Stanford University

Karen Cariani, WGBH

Brian E. Davis, Oregon State University

Umar Qasim, University of Alberta

Justin Simpson, Artefactual Systems

Charles Hosale, WGBH

Meeting notes: