Samvera DevOps Interest Group

Scope and Objectives

The objective of this group is to discuss, share, and organize resources for hosting, monitoring, and securing Hydra-based applications.

Topics include areas such as

  • Project, release, and configuration management
  • Continuous integration and testing
  • Performance testing, profiling, scaling, and high availability
  • Application usage reporting, monitoring, and alerting
  • Server environments and architecture
  • Security management, auditing, backups, and disaster recovery
  • Virtualization and containerization (e.g. Docker, Vagrant)


Add your name if you are interested in joining this new group.

  • Co-facilitator: Erin Fahy (Stanford)
  • Co-facilitator: Glen Horton (University of Cincinnati)
  • Alicia Cozine (Data Curation Experts)
  • John H. Robinson, IV (UCSD)
  • Ryan Rotter (University of Michigan)
  • Kathryn Cassidy (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Anna Headley (Chemical Heritage Foundation)
  • Weiwei Shi (University of Alberta)
  • Tony Zanella (Stanford)
  • Kieran Etienne (Penn State University)
  • Scott Smith (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Alex Dunn (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Bill Branan (DuraSpace)
  • David Chandek-Stark (Duke)
  • Collin Brittle (Virginia Tech)
  • Drew Heles (Johns Hopkins)




Preliminary Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey!

Results Spreadsheet:

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Meeting Times and Communication Channels

A regular meeting time has not yet been established for this new group.  Fill out the Doodle for the next meeting at

Notifications will be posted to and to the Project Hydra #devops channel on Slack.  General discussion will likely take place in the Slack channel.  If you are not a member of the Slack Project Hydra team, you can request an automatic invite.


Meetings are scheduled as needed.

Past meetings: